Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MusicGorilla.com helps unsigned bands get notice and deals

Musicgorilla.Com Announce Slot On Nbc's 'Friday Night Lights' For Unsigned Band Donna Mea

MusicGorilla.com, one of the most important promoters for new musical talent around today, is proud to announce the appearance of new Artist Members Donna Mea on NBC's hit show 'Friday Night Lights'. It is a testament to the drive and energy of MusicGorilla.com - a company that always puts the band before the bucks - that so prestigious a platform for national attention has been secured for an unsigned artist. What's more, Donna Mea had only been a MusicGorilla.com artist member for a week before NBC came calling- an incredible feat for the online company.

In less than three years, MusicGorilla has had over 40 bands signed to labels, publishing deals, film placements or distribution through major outlets. More than 70 bands have played free live showcases for Sony, RCA, Epic and Hollywood records.

MusicGorilla.com is holding its 3rd annual live, major label showcase series to take place during the most exciting week in music. The showcases will take place in Austin, TX during the week of March 14th - 17th. Approximately 34 bands will perform live at Nuno's Attic right in the heart of 6th street in downtown Austin. This week in Austin is one of the most important weeks in the music business. Label reps flock to Austin from all over the world to hear new music. MusicGorilla.com has confirmed that an A&R rep from Virgin Records will be attending this showcase series and giving the performers written feedback. That's exposure!

"Over the last month Music Gorilla has helped us tremendously," said the members of Donna Mea. "The whole thing is a great way to be heard. MusicGorilla has really put something together to help bands really put their music out there."

Since the confirmation of 'Friday Night Lights', Donna Mea - who originate from Plano, Texas - have said that their crowd has grown significantly.

MusicGorilla.com was created by Alexia Helfand, Lawrence Erlichman and Beth Mitchell, three music lovers with a single aim: to help musicians worldwide achieve success through their musical talents. In an age of corporate manufacture and one-shot singles, fledgling artists everywhere are - and should be - beating a path to their door. They have quickly established business trust with a number of TV and film networks by being able to provide the right artist to fit the bill. Their hands-on approach sets them apart, giving each industry member a personal page on which they can find the appropriate music. Alexia Helfand has a first-rate background in film and TV that includes Fox News and Miramax Films- a significant industry insight that has put MusicGorilla.com where it is today.

For the artists, there is no better service. Each artist gets their own personal Web page, and a song page for each uploaded song, accessible as MP3s to the labels as well as the public. They also work to nurture that important connection between upcoming artist and audience. Listeners are able to leave comments and recommendations, with all the artists being rotated in as the "Featured Artist"- a good placement for any group on a Web site that is putting artists on NBC. From the industry side, the kudos given to MusicGorilla.com is impressive.

Jim Edmunds, A&R Coordinator for RCA Music Group, said: "MusicGorilla has been a consistently helpful tool for me for over a year now. I'll never miss a Music Gorilla showcase as I know I'm always going to be seeing top notch talent every time."

MusicGorilla.com guarantees that the music industry will hear your music. They DO NOT charge for any of the submission opportunities, so that means you can submit music to as many film, television and video game projects etc. as you like. MusicGorilla.com does not take any percentage of your deal should you get one. There are NO pop-up ads on the site and they provide several useful services, such as helping you build your fan base, sell your music, provide music news, and offers you discounts on certain products.

Costs to be part of this great promoting machine are extremely reasonable:
o Film/TV submissions - absolutely free!
o Live label showcases - absolutely free!
o First three uploads to the site free, and
o Every upload after that - $9.99, or
o 10 uploads for $49.99
o Monthly membership - $24.95 (or $229.95 annually)
o Upon referring 4 artists, the membership fee is refunded

To sign up to MusicGorilla and get heard, or to find out more, contact Alexia Helfand 12407, Mopac Expressway North, Suite 100-#312 Austin Texas 78758
Email: customerservice@musicgorilla.com
Phone: (+01)512-918-8978
Fax: 512/258-6394

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