Monday, February 5, 2007

Sweden's Neodrome debuts

Sweden's Neodrone Serves Up Sumptuous Musical Smorgasbord

A delicious buffet featuring varied dishes aptly describes "Extended Horizon", the debut release from Sweden's Neodrone. Composer Magnus Tak assures listeners won't go away hungry by deftly fusing classic arias with techno trance, blending uptempo pop with mesmerizing electronica, and interweaving chill-out ambience with soaring female vocals, fearlessly crossing over stagnant, status quo genre boundaries, yielding an acoustic feast sure to please the most discriminating musical palette.

The album features the vocal talents of soprano Johanna E. Martell, classically trained at "Operastudio 67" and "The Academy of Music and Drama" in Gothenburg, Sweden, original compositions and classic adaptations of arias by Mozart and Handel composed by Tak, and English lyrics written by US songwriter Brent Swarthout. The CD with ten tracks 49 min. just released by independent label Mambus Records and will target dance, ambient, light-rock and smooth jazz markets in the US and abroad. "Extended Horizon" is available at, and Clips of all songs can be heard at or full length versions at

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