Friday, February 23, 2007

Fuse TV VJ releases new Net music talkshow

Mistress Juliya 2.0 Metal VJ takes Myspace by Storm

Juliya (former Fuse TV VJ) is doing it again but this time on her own terms- uncensored behind the scenes in depth interviews with the Metal Masters! Juliya hosts her new show "Thrash Talk with Mistress Juliya" featured exclusively on and her page. Juliya gets down, dirty and real with all her guests.

Combined between and, Juliya currently has over 300,000 loyal metal fanatics who tune in each week to see what Juliya is going to deliver next; because as you know, metalheads know just where to go for the hottest news in aggressive music.

Juliya states "It is very empowering for me to know that all these bands still have love for me and I am also honored to do what I do best - working with metal bands. I am very much looking forward to interviewing all the bands at the upcoming festivals: Sounds of the Underground, Ozzfest, Jagermeister Tour."

Watch her most recent interviews with OTEP and Slayer:

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