Monday, February 26, 2007

KMFDM Records to release KGC's "Dirty Bomb"

KGC (Konietzko, Garcia, Cifarelli) is the brain child of three of the most trail-blazing underground artists around: Dean Garcia the musical genius behind CURVE, known for his monolith guitars and layered production style, that envelope the listener with its tsunami of instrumentation, Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, whose innovative and unorthodox approach toward production have garnered him with international acclaim as one of the foremost pioneers of industrial/ultra heavy beat and Lucia Cifarelli of KMFDM and DRILL, whose vocal and lyrical talents go from provocative to menacing in the beat of a rivet-head lovelorn heart. The three met by chance through a mutual fan. However unlikely it sounds, that was the beginning of a year-long, trans-Atlantic session swap that spawned their debut album, Dirty Bomb (KMFDM Records, 2006).

This collaboration of alternative music giants was composed via the Web, by trading files back and forth between London and Seattle. The music they birthed pushing sounds over the ether took on a life and presence of its own. The three have created a haunting, twisted landscape of sound that is hypnotic, aggressive and surreal. A maelstrom of emotions laced with the underbelly of the anti-hero. With their mutual affinity of all things odd, the album marries their individual influences and births a truly unique love child that draws you in with cinematic splendor, where the ever present momentum of guitars and electronics push harder and deeper, luring the listener further and further into their strange world of darkness.

KMFDM Records is proud to announce the release of KGC's Dirty Bomb avaliable exclusively online from the KMFDM Store at and on iTunes worldwide April 20th, 2007.

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