Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mercee's "The Reinvention" released

Burn Unit Records announces the release of the new CD by Mercee, "The Reinvention" featuring the March '07 single "Snapper," which charted in over 40 record pools, and the hit of the summer, "Roll the Dice on Em," which was released in July. The CD is a smooth lyrical flow combined with crafty street content which will inevitably make Mercee a household name. The CD is off to a great start as all the singles from the album have charted on some of the biggest record pools in the country.
Mercee was influenced by some of the greats in Hip Hop like JayZ, Scarface, and Snoop Dog, and any rapper who had real music as the base of their tracks. His vocals are like nobody else. He has developed a blend of New School, Old School, Dirty South, East Coast and West Coast into a style that immediately identifies Mercee.
Mercee caught his first big break on the song "Tears Threw Beats." The response to his debut smash was so overwhelming that underground legend Boss-Smit took him under his wing and taught him how not to just rap, but to be the rap; how to be himself and not follow what's hot, but to make what he does hot. With all the singles off this CD charting, he is getting hot.
Mercee began his career as a solo artist when he was 15, and later started to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Merc, who had a group called Mercenary. In 2003, his debut album "Da Rouge" is released giving Mercee the load of building a solo act as well as earning a spot with Mercenary. Mercenary encountered many struggles in getting their first album recorded and released, which cumulated into tragedy when Merc was killed in a double homicide in 2005, and Mercee was later arrested on a weapons charge, leading to a probation sentence. Now 23 years old, with two sons, and a story that could be made into a best seller, Mercee is back on track with a new attitude.
Mercee stated about his ambition, "I grew up listening to JayZ and wanted to be a rapper and tell the world what I saw in my hood. I see myself as one of the first rappers to make it out of North Carolina, and still live in North Carolina. I feel because I'm leading and creating a sound in a place not known for Hip Hop, it may take me a little longer to get in, but when I get in, I'll be in and pick up every major award in the field. I see myself with a Grammy in two or three years."


Anonymous said...

I bought this album off itunes and i have to say it is hot as hell! Mercee brings this new sort of rap that is unique and doesn't sound like any of the new junk that's out there today

Mickie said...

Very cool! Thank you for passing on the word!! Perhaps Mercee will snag a Grammy soon.
Keep on rockin'

Tyquan said...

The ReInvetion was good, but MerCee's new single is better than any song on that album. Please do a review on it so I and the other readers can see what you think of it!


JQ said...

Yea i heard that song lemme holla at ya. Its really got to be the hottest song i heard in a long time, i can't figure out why it's not on the damn radio or itunes yet??

Have you heard it?

Kees said...

it's not on itunes yet i just checked, hopefully it comes out soon though cuz i wanna hear it in my car

Big rob said...

i love "lemme holla at ya" i heard it off mercee's myspace

Dollfaced Beauty said...

How come you haven't reviewed the new joint yet?! "Lemme holla at ya" is the shit!