Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New entertainment/lifestyle site ready to launch

The October 17th launch of Bubbles & Cheesecake ( ) brings the Internet a unique, hyper-interactive, multi-media/entertainment/lifestyle domain that’s been called "the soul man’s Martha Stewart." A sensory thrill, this soul-kitsch revolution arose from the musical collaboration between multi-disciplinary dynamo Allee Willis – a cyber-pioneer, visual artist, GRAMMY-winning, Emmy and Tony nominated composer whose artistry has sold over 50 million records, including Earth, Wind & Fire’s "September" and "Boogie Wonderland", the Pointer Sisters’ Neutron Dance," "Pet Shop Boys w/Dusty Springfield’s "What Have I Done To Deserve This", the theme to Friends, and Broadway’s The Color Purple – and singer-songwriter Holly Palmer, who recently toured with the Gnarls Barkley live band and has also worked with Dr. Dre and David Bowie, among others.
Their funky and fearless respective alter-egos Bubbles & Cheesecake make the project a four-way collaboration that positively zooms with exuberant life-force. Their wealth of completely hand-made music, video, artworks, stories, animation, social network opportunities and creative merchandising goes live October 17th at .
Willis and Palmer’s eminently soulful music, including the irresistible debut anthem "It’s A Woman Thang," provides a dramatic entry point for the larger Bubbles & Cheesecake vision, which Willis says is about "wanting people to feel empowered to express themselves and embrace their individuality."
The video for "It’s A Woman Thang" is emblematic of the site’s rampant interactivity, manifested throughout by a novel fusion of lo-tech charm and high-level creative intelligence that’s clearly visionary.
It features 60 hand-animated women cut from original paintings by Bubbles the artist (who, before Allee copped to having an "alter ego," was rumored by the New York Times to actually be Willis). Each of the 60 characters has her own page, and each also serves as a site-guide, linking users to deep reserves of information and features on Allee, Holly, soul and kitsch.
At every juncture, site visitors will be encouraged to respond to the flow of ideas and to create music and art with Bubbles & Cheesecake.
Cheesecake has said, "We really hope to inspire an army of citizen artists."
"In our view," notes Bubbles, "the road to self-esteem is through creative expression. We hope to actually collaborate with our fans. Our vision for is that it becomes not only a window into the creative process, but that it will also serve as an active test ground for what music and art will become in a 21st century interactive world."
The songs and accompanying video and interactive components that fall under the creative umbrella The Soul Of Bubbles & Cheesecake will all be available for download through the site. Bubbles & Cheesecake will also offer the groundbreaking option of downloading the collateral musical elements that score the site, priced by the second – with a 10-cent minimum and 99-cent ceiling.
Additionally, the domain’s user-friendly store interface will offer B&C designed lifestyle essentials including – but not limited to – t-shirts, paintings, bath mats, BBQ aprons, afro piks, paint-by-number sets and greeting cards. All items will be embellished with artwork springing from Bubbles’ fertile imagination (as are all of the site’s visuals and interactive components).

Willis has often said, "I would describe my style as a blend of the highest tech and design and the lowest kitsch." That formula now ushers in the Bubbles & Cheesecake era – achieving world domination with a refreshingly alternative and dazzlingly interactive music, entertainment and lifestyle approach…and perhaps a few nice hand towels thrown in…

About Bubbles & Cheesecake
Allee Willis and Holly Palmer first partnered as songwriters in 2000. When they regrouped in late 2006 at the studio in Allee’s historic deco home – a multi-media space that none other than James Brown once called his favorite recording studio in L.A. – what began as sessions for Holly’s latest solo album Songs For Tuesday turned into the pilot program for Bubbles & Cheesecake. Rich with classic soul grooves and daring contemporary twists, the music they made in their new performance and composing collaboration flowed freely. It organically inspired the integrated, multi-media symphony of creative pursuits that inform the Bubbles & Cheesecake meta-experience.
Willis and Palmer are uniquely qualified to be the divas of their soul-kitsch domain. Soul music has been a lifelong inspiration for both, something passionately clear through their individual bodies of work. On the cyber-side, Willis is a seminal Internet pioneer who, throughout most of the ’90s, developed willisville, an evolving prototype for the first entertainment-driven social network. Its then-revolutionary merging of narrative frameworks and multiple technologies and platforms into a cohesive thematic environment was acclaimed by Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and it now serves as the archetype for Bubbles & Cheesecake. Beyond that, Willis owns one of the world’s largest collections of kitsch and pop culture and soul ephemera, much of which is featured on the site. In 1999, she "discovered" Bubbles the artist, who has since sold over 1,000 original artworks – and who, with the help of Cheesecake, now lends her world-renowned talents to enlivening the universe of Bubbles & Cheesecake.

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