Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Bends offers new guitar product

New Big Bends "Lil Luber" Nut Sauce Applicator

Big Bends is now offering a new, smaller version of their popular "Groove Luber" guitar nut sauce applicator called "Lil Luber."

Formulated to help improve tuning stability and eliminate string breakage, Nut Sauce is now featured in a new web site video, showing how the lubricant is used on all sorts of guitars, including Joe Satriani’s.

The new "Lil Luber" comes with instructions and an all new ultra fine-point microbrush for ease of application and clean-up. A Nut Sauce sticker and resealable zip bag is also included. When used correctly, one Lil Luber will treat 50-75 strings.

See the video at

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