Friday, April 18, 2008

Global Inheritance to return to Coachella

Los Angeles-based non-profit Global Inheritance, which debuted the Energy FACTory at Coachella 2007, returns to Indio next week with a new look, live DJ’s, live TV, and numerous activities and extras—all powered by wind, solar power, human-generated power, biofuels, and ethanol. The whole FACTory—located just inside the main entrance to the venue, will be towered over by a massive wind-powered 40-foot clock. So to paraphrase Holden Caulfield, meet us under the Clock Tower at Coachella and get your environmental chops on.

Global Inheritance’s Energy FACTory focuses on the interactive education and explanation of the major renewable energy sources—and encourages concert-goers nationwide to minimize their environmental footprint going to shows. Last year’s factory included the Tour de Coachella stationary bike-powered cell phone and computer charging exhibit, an ethanol Jiffy Pop Tree, solar-powered misters/lights, a wind powered light box, alternative energy demos, the DJ “Portal Potty,” alternative energy screen printing and electric car conversions. This year, keep your eye out for bike-powered misting fans, a solar powered DJ station, live conversions of vegetable oil to biodiesel, live eco-friendly screen printing, an art and music exhibit featuring solar power and painted mannequins, plus many more surprises.

Also this year, Global Inheritance, Amtrak and the Coachella Music and Arts Festival will make it easy on the environment, the wallet and the psyche for 500 festival-goers getting to and from Coachella with the Coachella Express—a FREE train taking campers to and from the Festival. With the round trip cost of gas to and from Indio alone costing in excess of $50, the Coachella Express bypasses the mind-numbing traffic to and from the desert. It’s the first time EVER that a music festival has chartered a free train for festival goers. Global Inheritance aims to reintroduce the train experience in the West, lower the number of cars on the road, and turn on those who have never traveled on tracks. Note: the Coachella Express is SOLD OUT. For more details go to:

For the great many fans still driving, remember Carpoolchella, which offers those riding four or more to a car the chance to win lifetime VIP passes to Coachella, plus tons of other cool prizes. This year, we’ll be picking winners every hour, so go to to print out your very own Carpoolchella window sign.

Lastly, Global Inheritance will exhibit the TRASHed Art of Recycling, where artists have decorated, deconstructed and reinterpreted 96-gallon wheeled recycling bins. At the TRASHed Recycling Store, Global Inheritance will reprise its popular 10-for-1 exchange—offering a free bottle of water for every ten empties fans collect on the Festival grounds.

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