Friday, April 25, 2008

End o' week musings

This was a weird week because some days creeped by slower than snails, while other sped along like Nascar racers. But overall, it was great.

Last Friday, Zaynah and I were a featured act for Tequila Mockingbird's Club Fluffer night at Zero One Gallery in Los Angeles. This spot is the new trendy, hot place to be! Amazing art surrounds you in a range of genres and media. Our friend, Madame Pamita, was also on the artists' list and we were delighted with her ukulele ditties and wise fortunes, as well as her saw and washboard players (two quite handsome gentlemen!).

The crowd mingled throughout the venue as we readied to perform and then everyone seemed to come out and pay attention from the first strains of our music to our last shimmy. We offered up five numbers with fans, veils, swords and smiles and were cheered on. It was a nice night.

Saturday I went to the Pasadena Bloggers' Picnic and met the faces behind the words that praise and trash Crown City every day. We discussed the Internet, politics, music and more while dining on sushi, fresh fruit, cookies and other nibbles. Kudos to Miss Haversham for organizing the fun soiree!

That night I took my mother to Cheryl Conley's "Tribute to the Women of Jazz." Man, can that grrrl sing! She made everyone feel at home, welcoming us to the venue by coming from the back dressed as a waitress carrying a tray. She greeted us and then launched into her first story of the night about a song inspired by a very heavy rain. Conley disappeared backstage and soon the sound of rain filled the air. After a few moments, she was on stage, resplendent in a black dress with silver sparkles. From then on, it was a song, a story, and so on, as Conley took us through the decades of jazz from 1899 to the present. The audience even managed to get an encore out of her! What a great show!!

It was a big dance day for Zaynah and I again at the Festival of Dancing Colors in San Bernardino. We performed two numbers- one fairly new and updated further with the use of bright red fans; the other an oldie that's always been good for us.

The remainder of my week was more on the quiet side, for me that is. I interviewed Beat Union, Jessy J. , artist Lisa Wood, Scott and Paula of the Joke Gym, "Of Mice and Men" director Paul Lazarus and "Mamma Mia" actor John Hemphill. In between, Zaynah and I worked on our new choreography.
I even managed to sneak in a couple of rounds of mini-golf with my friend Andrew. He plays golf (the big/normal kind) regularly so he had perfect form, while I just look at the hole and try to tap the ball in the right direction. By the end of the second round I came out only 10 strokes behind him-- not too shabby considering I haven't even touched a putter in lots o' years. Still, I had to buy the ice cream sundaes. Next time, dude, you're gonna pay and there had better be extra sprinkles!
Tomorrow I'm heading out the the Renaissance Faire. It's pirate day, so I have my gear sorted out and I'm all arrrgggh to go! Other than dance rehearsal I have no clue what the coming week will bring, which makes it all the more exciting.

Photos we got 'em: Get a load of the people behind the words with me in a photo from the Pasadena Bloggers' Party (Miss Havisham is the one with the yellow hat), then grin at my pet choices of the week, plus two from me at the Festival of Dancing Colors taken by my friend Richard (check out more of his stuff at ).

In rotation this week: Josh Turner, Apocalyptica, Tom Petty, Oojami, Megadeth and African Grooves.

Thought of the week: Positivity! I've been spending a lot of time being thankful about some of the things that have been changing/happening in my life recently and it seems that my positive perserverence is finally paying off. Some would say that all that good karma I've been sending out for so long is finally making its way back to me. Either way, my upbeat attitude has helped me look forward during darker times and celebrate the happy times even more. I try to start each day with a smile.... how about you?

Keep on rockin'

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