Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Underoath and Xbox launch contest

As the music landscape continues to evolve, UNDEROATH moves to the forefront of the music and the gaming worlds.

The acclaimed hard rock group--currently in the studio recording their much-anticipated fourth studio album--have partnered with Xbox to offer their fans live gaming with multi-player competitions through the online gaming and entertainment network Xbox LIVE®. This marks one of the largest involvements that Xbox 360 has had with a musical artist.

During short breaks from recording the as-yet-untitled album through mid-May--the follow up to their juggernaut gold-certified and critically hailed third release DEFINE THE GREAT LINE (Tooth & Nail/Solid State)--UNDEROATH are going online to play "Halo 3" or "Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" with fans. The band is online Thursdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm ET/3:00pm-5:00pm PT for their "Game with Fame" session.

The Xbox LIVE® service boasts more than 10 million members from all over the globe; is the 377th biggest site on the internet and pulls in 150 million page views daily.

Check out UNDEROATH's "Game With Fame" page here:

As part of this promotion, Florida-based UNDEROATH has posted videos and completed blogs, in addition each band member has a "Gamertag" which fans can send a friend request to --GrantUnderoath (GRANT BRANDELL, bass), TimUnderoath (TIM MCTAGUE, guitars), AaronUnderoath (AARON GILLESPIE, drums/vocals), SpeeUnderoath (SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN, vocals), ChrisUnderoath (CHRIS DUDLEY, keyboards), JamesUnderoath (JAMES SMITH, guitars)-- in order to play against specific band members live online.

In addition, an official UNDEROATH and Xbox LIVE® Contest just launched this week that gives fans the chance to win: a drum head autographed and used by the band during recording of the new album; plus Underoath T-shirts, CDs, DVDs and messenger bags; as well as three Xbox 360 games ("Halo 3," "Gears of War", and "Mass Effect"), and Xbox 360 accessories including Spartan and Brute controllers and an Xbox 360 messenger kit.

Visit the official contest page to sign up:

UNDEROATH is featured on Xbox News, Calendar and the Community Buzz page as well as the new "Emerging Artists" program from Xbox LIVE®:

"Emerging Artists" features live performances, music videos, artist interviews and more exclusive insider content from some of the hottest upcoming acts in the music business.
In blogging news, UNDEROATH's bassist and expert gamer GRANT BRANDELL posts a semi-daily in-the-studio diary which also includes commentary and tips on gaming, as well as bonus times the band will be available to compete via:

Fans can click on the "ask Underoath a question" option where GRANT answers questions from fans and fellow gamers alike. Likewise, guitarist TIM MCTAGUE creates weekly Studio Video Journals for Xbox LIVE® Marketplace. The video journals are hosted in the "Music Videos" section and free to download straight to your Xbox 360. The exclusive videos can be downloaded through your Xbox LIVE® account for free and are housed solely on the Xbox 360's hard drive to watch on your TV.

UNDEROATH is now featured on "Community Confidential" video up now on Xbox LIVE®. The two-minute video boasts 1.5 million viewers each week. The band is featured for the first part of the video and their song "Writing On The Walls" is played in the background and mentioned at the end of the video. After the video's first week on Xbox LIVE®, it will be available on Watch the video here:

If you get a chance to play UNDEROATH, Xbox wants to hear about it. Send an email to with the subject: "GWF-Underoath." Be sure to include your Gamertag and home-town.

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