Monday, April 21, 2008

Chris Bawiec releases debut effort

The name says it all. Chris Bawiec's debut album, Inspired, is just that. Written, sung and produced entirely by Bawiec, this CD is truly a labour of love for this Floridian songsmith.

Leaving a conventional life of 9-5 drudgery, Bawiec decided to risk all and return to his first love – namely, great rock'n'roll music. Over seventeen years in the making, these songs are inspired as much by the philosophy of Carlos Castaneda and Jerry & Esther Hicks as they are by the songwriting genius of Tom Petty, Sting and Pink Floyd. The combination is a powerful one.

Lyrically, this music truly does inspire - almost as much as the belief of their creator. Songs such as The Voice and Getting There (Is Half The Fun) are uplifting anthems for the common man, while Pride is the sort of great American call-to-arms that the country has been crying out for in these troubled times.

But beyond the words, Bawiec has a voice which resonates long after the last note of his song has faded. It is at once profound and joyous, but always inspired.

Add in some good old fashioned down-home rock guitar licks and you have a potent combination, creating songs with an instant impact which nevertheless deserve more than one listen. Because these are not just standard rock songs. They are that much deeper. That much more meaningful. And that much more inspirational.

The grandson of a jazz drummer, Bawiec took up the sticks at the age of 12 before graduating to the guitar. He performed in high school bands and continued to write and record music into his college years. He received airplay from college radio and began to collaborate with legendary producer Bill Halverson. However, life got in the way and music took a back seat.

Luckily for the rest of us, Bawiec came back to the music, bringing all his experiences into his songs and crafting this homage to American life. As he himself says: "This music has been in my heart for years." Now we can share it with him.

Bawiec says his aim was to inspire others through his example, through his lyrics and through his music. With some serious airplay and lots of interest in his songs, it seems like he is well on the way to achieving that goal.

Inspired is out now and available at on Three Point Records and through CD Baby.

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