Friday, April 18, 2008

Contest seeks world's fastest guitarist

R U The World's Fastest Guitarist????????
Here is a Challenge + Reward

Its difficult to assess who is actually the fastest guitarist in the world. Obviously hand/finger speed is the key ingredient. While we don't have the ability to get you all together for some serious shredding, we can run an on-line competition which will give an indication of who may be the worlds fastest guitarist. In any case, we will recognize that person who is able to win the competition that we have devised. And that person will win a Metallic Gold Top Guitar shipped free to anywhere in the world.

OK - Here is the challenge. If you go to the link below, you will find a competition which requires you to tranquilize sheep by shooting them with a dart before they get away. Each time you tranquilize one by shooting them with a dart, you receive an elapsed time from when the sheep left the grazing area to when you nailed him/her. After 5 sheep have come out, your time is averaged, and that score is posted on the board. At the end of this competition which will continue until June 15th, whomever has the lowest average elapsed time, will be considered the fastest guitarist and win the guitar. It doesn't make any difference who you are, how old you are, where you live in the world, or how you came to read this E-letter. If you can post the lowest average elapsed time, you win and get bragging rights to boot. In all, we will provide some prizes to the # 2-5 finishers and post all of their names on the Honor Roll. The link to get going is below. The only requirement is that you return your results sheet attached to the E-letter

Here is a time for you to beat: This time below does not count in the competition but was achieved by our good friend, Dick Norton, who turned us on to this challenge. Now to prove what your score was, I would suggest that you print out your game sheet and scan it in and then send us the scanned document as an e-mail attachment or pasted in if you can. It should look like the score sheet below. And BTW, if you jump the gun on any one sheep or miss it totally, the penalty is so severe that you may as well kiss it off and start over. So GOOD LUCK to all of your who accept this challenge.

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