Friday, April 24, 2009

Dave Morrison to play house concert

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to send a reminder about the House Concert/Party tomorrow. I rehearsed with the band last night and everybody's sounding great. Our new bass player, D. Jennings is fitting right in. They all play great and like each other, and I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such good and talented people.

I finished building a little stage-riser for us, so you can see us (and bet on which of us will fall off first), and will haul that and many chairs over to the house today.

We've had a good number of RSVPs, and feel like we'll have a good lively crowd. But we would like to hear from any who are coming who haven't said so yet. We wanna make sure there is food and drink for all. So RSVP if you haven't yet. And if you did ... thanks.

One thing: in my first announcement, I said that we were starting at 4pm. I was off a little. We are really starting at 5pm. And Mark says it's cool if we stay a little late.

And don't forget to bring those instruments if you've got 'em. We will have plenty of time after the "formal" show, for song circles and general revelry.

Here is a recap of the deets. Can't wait to see you all.


House Concert
With the Dave Morrison Band
Featuring Lisa Turner (vocals), Greg Krueger (Guitars, Mandolin, Dobro), John O'Kennedy (Guitars, Mandolin, Lap Steel), D. Whitney Quinn (Keyboards), and D. Jennings (Bass).
With mini-sets by Lisa Turner and Brad Colerick, and a stealth-set by D. Whitney Quinn.
To be followed by much food, frivolity and fun. And an open song-circle (bring the ax).

Saturday April 25, 5-9pm (at least)
At the home of the Bansons in Pasadena Ca.
$15 suggested donation (includes food & drinks)
RSVP to Alexia Salvatierra or 213 219 2449
YouTube: "Times Like These"
YouTube: "Almost A Relief"
YouTube: "Standing By The Bridge"
Buy The Album:

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