Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stand-Up 360 comedy coming to a movie theater near you

Screenvision partners with waggingtail entertainment (Bryan Bantry in association with Eric Hanson & Michael S. Rosenberg) to present the premiere of STAND-UP 360™. A series of stand-up comedy features filmed live, STAND-UP 360™ delivers an alternative kind of entertainment to cinemas across the country via Screenvision’s Programming Network Division. With Caroline Rhea featured as lead host, STAND-UP 360 offers seven distinct presentations aimed at a wide variety of audiences. Kicking off in May 2009, STAND-UP 360™ will appear in Screenvision theaters nationwide.

STAND-UP 360™ captures the unmistakable energy of a Live New York comedy show in an unparalleled program, presenting a line-up of top names from headliners to break-out stars. Serving up a new style of entertainment at cinemas, STAND-UP 360™ offers major bang for the buck; it would take months of repeat visits to a variety of comedy venues to experience the calibre and range of talent assembled for the films.

STAND-UP 360™’s debut series of feature presentations boasts seven original films jam-packed with laughs and never-before-seen footage of behind-the-scenes action and antics, each with an exclusive line-up of performers. Each film features a diverse roster of acts, while special edition STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ is devoted to Hispanic talent and STAND-UP 360: Inside Out™ is headlined by popular LGBT comics and friends.

With Caroline Rhea as host, STAND-UP 360™ features many of today’s hottest comics including Roz G, Judy Gold, Godfrey, MODI, Poppi Kramer, Wali Collins and many others. Rising Hispanic star Erik Rivera hosts two STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ films with sets from Angelo Lozada, Cristela Alonzo, Sara Contreras and more. Finally, Caroline Rhea hosts STAND-UP 360: Inside Out™ with a line-up of LGBT stand-outs such as Judy Gold, Jackie Hoffman, Frank DeCaro, Jaffe Cohen, Hedda Lettuce and Michele Balan in thought-provoking performances.

Screenvision and waggingtail entertainment proudly present STAND-UP 360™, breaking new ground in the arena of alternative cinematic events and bringing stand-up comedy to the forefront. This compelling and innovative programming brings new audiences into theaters, while creating additional revenue streams for exhibitor partners through a content-driven platform.

“Screenvision is committed to providing a range of alternative content entertainment, from documentaries, to concerts and sporting events, and now in-theatre comedy. This was the next logical step in creating a full spectrum of alternative content programs for exhibitors and moviegoers alike,” says Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Exhibitor Relations for Screenvision. “STAND-UP 360™ will provide moviegoers with unparalleled comedic entertainment that has great potential to be a hit with theatre audiences on a national level and we look forward to working with waggingtail and our exhibitor partners to promote it.”

The Screenvision Programming Network was launched in 2007 to enable exhibitors to attract additional audiences during off-peak movie timeframes. Screenvision’s presentation of the La Scala opera series, UltraMarathon Man: 50 Marathons • 50 States • 50 Days, Ballet Shoes, its partnership with the New York Mets for Mets at the Movies, the Phillies’ World Series film with Major League Baseball, the Boston Celtics championship season documentary, Return to the Rafters, MSNBC’s coverage of President Obama’s Inauguration and most recently Stevie Wonder’s “Live at Last” concert are examples of previous successes.

“New York comedy clubs are to stand-up comedy what Broadway is to theater – the place to see the absolute best performers,” says producer Bryan Bantry. “Now, we can deliver the experience of a New York club closer to home and at a great price. Seeing live comedy is about who’s at the mic and the energy of the crowd. Bringing the experience to a cinema keeps the audience dynamic an integral part of the mix, while presenting favorite comedians uncensored and without commercial breaks. With discouraging headlines all around us -- we need a laugh, now more than ever. STAND-UP 360™ is designed to be fun, inexpensive and unmatched in terms of its entertainment value.”

Headquartered in New York, NY, Screenvision is a national leader in cinema advertising, offering on-screen advertising, in-lobby promotions and integrated marketing programs to national, regional and local advertisers and providing comprehensive cinema advertising representation services for its theatrical exhibitor partners. In the U.S., the Screenvision cinema advertising network is comprised of nearly 15,500 screens in 2,400 theatre locations across all 50 states and 92% of DMAs nationwide and delivers more than 550 million consumer impressions annually through 150 theatrical circuits, including 12 of the top 20 exhibition companies. Screenvision is a joint venture between ITV plc (LSE: ITV), the UK’s largest commercial television network, and Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS), a global supplier of technology, services, and systems to the media and entertainment industries. For more information:

ABOUT waggingtail entertainment:
waggingtail entertainment is a film, television and theater production company established by producer Bryan Bantry. Joining Mr. Bantry for the STAND-UP 360™ series are Eric Hanson and Michael S. Rosenberg. Mr. Hanson, who has consulted on comedy projects for television, film and in New York clubs, has also represented some of the best comics on the stand-up circuit today. Mr. Rosenberg is a Broadway producer who co-founded New York City’s non-profit theater collective Drama Dept.

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