Friday, April 24, 2009

Thrillist recommends The Great Frog for cool finds

Thrillist Nation
Friday April 24, 2009

The Great Frog

Certain accessories scream a man's devotion to his favorite music: an iced-out pendant suggests a love of hip-hop, whilel eggings and lace ruffles scream "Rock Me Amadeus". For accouterments of the baddest assest, there's The Great Frog.

Founded in London in 1972 but just now opening an e-shop, Frog has hand-carved bespoke mewelry at their Ganton Street HQ for hard rock luminaries like Slash, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and the greatest axe-handler of them all... JohnnyDepp! Human skulls start off the headbanging, appearing as a necklace pendant crossed by AK47s, on bracelets as individual links and solid wrist-covering designs, and as Terminator-esque jewel-eyed cufflinks; there're also skulls on rings, whether surrounded by snakes, growing wings out of their temples, or donning head gear from WWII fighter pilot hats to Mickey Mouse ears, a look also donned by early goth rockers Maushaus.

Other highlights include pendants like knuckle dusters and Conan-esque broad swords, a bangle with the winged bust of Lucifer himself, and ring designs including the hockey mask worn by Jason, who lurched after children with a machete, and the tongue waggin' face of Gene Simmons, who continues to lurch after women with his Love Gun.

If you're incapable of pulling off jewelry, Frog also slings a pair of tees, one featuring a trio of skulls, and the other a mic-holding skull w/ Elvis hair that says "Rock 'N Roll", though if your band of choice is Danzig, you're better off with no shirt at all.

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Anonymous said...

I can't find the t-shirts on his website anymore!

Mickie said...

That's a pity. Maybe they're redesigning or something... You could always drop him an e-mail....

good luck,