Friday, April 24, 2009

End o' week musings

Slooow, that's been my week. And I haven't been just sitting around watching the world go by either.. it's just seemed really, really slooow!

I had my physical therapy Friday, as you may recall, so I was only good for my walk in the evening. My knee was sore!! I did make it to yoga Saturday and did a few odds and ends, but mostly I tried to stretch and rest and feel better.

Sunday I took my mother to the Pasadena Showcase House of Design. She enjoyed it thoroughly. Her favorite designer was Joshua Cain, who did the Master Suite, as well as a few other rooms. I like his work very much as well, but I also want to move into the Tea House... it must be all those touches of perky orange and the koi fish that swim into the living room pond for their ponds outside.

After spending tons o' time there, we went to the Folk Tree in Pasadena. It's a cool store with art and jewelry from around the globe. It also has a back gallery where it features different exhibits, just opened is Dinah Sargeant's quilts and dolls. I interviewed her and you should be able to read more about her online next weekend at

We looked at everything in the place and I bought a pretty pair of paper dragonfly earrings for my podmate Linda. Her birthday is today and she's out celebating at Disneyland.

My mom and I ended our day with a foray through the local 99 cents store. She loves that place!

In the evening I went to Carmin's Italian Restaurant and Bar in Pasadena to watch Bob's Garage. My friend Byron came with me. The band plays cover tunes from all over the rock world, as well as some country and even a couple of conjunto songs. People were up dancing through their entire performance. I got up for a few numbers too. They were quite good and I would definitely see them again.

Tuesday I went to the Knitting Factory in Hollyweird to see Carbon 9 kick off their "Humanology Tour." The Chimpz opened the show. They reminded me a lot of old Biohazard, with rap-core and some metal. They were followed by an electric sitar player, who really rocked.

Finally Carbon 9 hit the stage. These guys know how to put on a show--- it was a real show too, not just a bunch of musicians who grabbed whatever clothes were clean and scrambled up on stage to play. They incorporate video, acting, props and more amping up the excitement of their performance.

I had an opportunity to interview Carbon 9's lead singer Stacey Quinealty, so keep checking after next Friday for my story. I the meantime, check out their new album, "The Bull," it's some of the best music I've heard in a while...

On Wednesday I interviewed Keith from The 88. This band has been making a big impact with songs getting placed in television shows, film and commercials. Their videos are pretty fun too. The 88 is a little on the "happy" side for my usual taste, but I like their lyrics and melodies and their stuff is well-written, so I can recommend them with a smile.

I don't know what adventures I will be having over the weekend other than something fun that's not yet planned tomorrow with my special guy and dance practice on Sunday. Next week is also up in the air... I did get news on my car, though, the body shop called and said it's almost done. My car is looking good, but needs the paint and few other bits and pieces. It should be ready some time next week. Woo hoo!

In rotation this week: Driving without a CD player is tough, as my listening time is further limited, so only a few- Carbon 9, Orange Sky, The 88 and Burn Halo.

Photos we got 'em: Oh yes, the usual pet photos from Stuff on My... Cat/Dog..., a pic by Terry Miller of me relaxing at the Pasadena Showcase House of Design during its media day (that's my beautiful and smart boss smiling in the background) and a shot by Sandra Molina ( of Stacey Quinealty of Carbon 9 in action.

Thought o' the week: Don't push. I learned a lesson this week about stressing out stressed-out-already people. I went to lunch with a friend, who was tellling me about all the different problems they were dealing with and how they were going about it. They were actually doing a good job. But there wasn't just personal stress, work was tough too.

I didn't think and was pushing on them about how we don't get enough time together and when could we see each other (outside or work). My friend raised their voice at me, repeating that they didn't know when they would be free. This is totally out of character for them, so it made the point very quickly- back off. It wasn't a mean thing to do and I know I shouldn't take it personally per se, but it did make me realize that I was heaping more on to the pile.

I intend to make a better effort of considering what's going on in someone's life before pushing them to meet my desires (that sounds weird, but makes sense). We all have stressful times and times that we really need to work on something, as well as times we need to be alone. Try to be understanding of others~ you're not the only one who matters. Instead of pushing what you want, be supportive with words of encouragement, a hug and anything else that will makes them feel a little better.

Keep on rockin'

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