Monday, January 31, 2011

Pasadena Adult Soccer League seeking beginning and returning players

Soccer has been called “the greatest exercise.” Yet, many adults give up the game as soon as high school ends. The Pasadena Adult Soccer League asks “Why?” and encourages people of all ages, sizes, skills and abilities to come out and join the fun.

Beginning February 6th, the league will be starting up again with leagues specifically for beginners and those who have been out of the game for years.

“Although we certainly offer competitive leagues,” said Brian Sheridan, Director of Communications, “we want to encourage people of all abilities to come out and have a good time. In fact, we have plenty of men and women as old as 70 playing in the league. To us, you are never too old to play the greatest game”.

The health benefits from a typical game of soccer have been well documented. During the course of a 90 minute game, a typical soccer player runs five or more miles, which besides being a cardiovascular workout itself, requires extensive cardiovascular conditioning. About 1.5 miles are walked, 2.4 miles are jogged, 1.5 miles are run, over a half mile is sprinted, and 0.3 miles are spent moving backward. Players also must have the muscular strength to turn, pivot and kick. For this reason, soccer is a great way for adults of all ages to stay in shape.

Beginner leagues play on Saturdays in Duarte and Sundays in Pasadena with a variety of other types of leagues offered nearly every night of the week in fields from Glendale to Pasadena to Duarte. Registration is ongoing and play begins February 6th. Costs range from $50 to $85 per person for a 10 to 12 game season.

For more information and a complete list of leagues, please visit or call (818) 406-4204.

Founded in 1972 as the Women’s Soccer Organization of the San Gabriel Valley, Adult Sports Management today organizes 140 teams and approximately 3000 players.

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