Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tony Sly at Hotel Cafe Feb. 10

Tony Sly will be performing some solo dates this February. Tony, is available for interviews and review tickets are available upon request. Tony Sly released his debute full length titled 12 Song Program on Feb 16th, 2010. Best, Vanessa

Tony Sly
02/08/11 San Jose, CA at Voodoo Lounge *
02/09/11 Santa Barbara, CA at Velvet Jones *
02/10/11 Los Angeles, CA at Hotel Cafe *
02/11/11 Fullerton, CA at Slidebar *
02/12/11 San Francisco, CA at Kimo's Penthouse Lounge *

Details:Abandoning the signature electric guitars and aggressive rhythms of NUFAN, Tony sets out armed with only his soothing and captivating melodies, guided by an acoustic guitar and a smattering of various other classic instruments.

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