Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ACME Studio creates limited-edition Beatles line with pens, card cases and more

ACME Studio, the renowned manufacturer of superior design objects and accessories, is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Apple Corps, Ltd. brokered by Live Nation Merchandise, The Beatles North American Licensing Agent, to introduce a limited-edition collection of pens, timepieces, card cases and eyeglass cases featuring iconic imagery inspired by the legendary lads from Liverpool. The collection will debut in August at the New York International Gift Fair.

The collection will introduce nine individually numbered limited-edition pens commemorating each year that the Beatles were together, beginning with 1962. Two pens will be released every six months, with edition numbering that matches the year depicted on the pen, i.e., 1,962 pieces will be available for 1962. In addition, as part of the initial launch, ACME Studio will introduce “The Beatles,” a set of four pens featuring John, Paul, George and Ringo, in four interchangeable formats (rollerball, felt tip, ballpoint and fountain) in a numbered edition of 600. “Invasion,” a single pen commemorating the year The Beatles arrived in the United States and “Beatle-mania” ensued, will also be released in a limited edition of 1964 pieces.

For each of the 13 UK albums released by the Beatles, a pen and card case set packaged within miniature album covers will be introduced in editions of 1000 pieces each. The first set introduced will be “Please Please Me,” followed by “With The Beatles,” and “A Hard Day’s Night.” Three sets will be released every six months.

Three unique timepieces will join the collection in February 2012 in limited editions of 1000 pieces each. Finally, three eyeglass cases designed with the band’s most compelling graphics will also be introduced.

“The Beatles Collection, is the most elaborate, most researched, the most comprehensive collection of Beatles memorabilia that has ever been produced and the first Beatles products to have been accepted into the permanent collection of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. You could say that ACME has literally written the book on the subject, as a comprehensive book about the collection is also available,” said Lesley Bailey, ACME’s co-founder and Vice President.

With the new Beatles collection, ACME Studios continues its partnership with renowned designers, artists and architects to create distinctive writing tools and accessories. For more information about ACME, visit www.acmestudio.com.

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