Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gordon Henderson exhibit coming to LA Sept. 9-29

For more than a quarter-century, LA-based artist and performer Gordon Henderson has been beguiling his fans with the Nib Geebles calendar. The 26th Calendar, titled Dogs Deserve Our Compliments, is now out, and to celebrate, Bermudez Projects in downtown Los Angeles is mounting an exclusive exhibit featuring the original ink-on-paper drawings from the calendar. The show opens September 9 and runs through September 29, 2011.

Rendered in a bold, graphic style – inspired by the works of R. Crumb, Charles Addams, Paul Klee, B. Kliban and the music culture of the 70s and 80s – these drawings explore subconscious social mores where people float in their environments anticipating a phenomenal occurrence or, in some cases, attempt to make sense of what has already transpired. Animals, an integral thread to this series, are the binding force connecting surreal images of disembodied people and big-haired women. stability meets chaos to form alluring, evocative, tense works filled with interpretive slogans and random advice.

Over 25 works will be on view, as well as the 2012 Dogs Deserve Our Compliments Calendar.

About the Artist: Gordon Henderson is a Los Angeles-based artist and performer whose works-on-paper are primarily done with pen and ink. Populated with people, animals and the occasional inanimate object, the artist’s drawings portray a surreal existence where people appear detached from “reality;” they appear close and yet are cut off from one another. According to the artist, “They are characters in narratives that have had their context stripped away, leaving only emotional implications. The titles are not descriptions or punch lines, but function more as poetic instigation.”

The artist has been an active participant in the DIY movement since the 1980s. Under the alias, Nib Geebles, he has published books, cards and the extremely popular Nib Geebles Calendar which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. His works have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco, including Gallery 825, Space and Bucheon, and are in public and private collections, such as that of Michael Brand, former director of the Getty Center.

Henderson’s performances have been seen at I.O. West, the Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson Theater, Celebration Theater and Fanatic Salon.

The artist lives in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles with his frequent collaborators, artist and teacher Abira Ali and their daughter Eliza B. Henderson.

About the Calendar: Since 1986, under the moniker Nib Geebles, Gordon Henderson has been creating his 8 ½ x 11 inch comic art wall calendar featuring interpretive holidays and slogans spread throughout varying months. An edition of 500, Each calendar is signed and numbered by the artist and comes in a clear plastic protective sleeve. Retail price is $12.00 USD per calendar.

Bermudez Projects Downtown LA is at 117 W. 9th Street, Space 810, Los Angeles, California 90015.

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