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'Sing Free Now!' by Mark Bosnian to publish

Whether you sing in a band, are part of a choir at church, sing karaoke, or just love to sing in the shower there's no doubt you would like to sing better than you do now.

In his new book, Sing Free Now! 3 Steps to Power Passion and Confidence, veteran performer and vocal coach Mark Bosnian shares decades of performing experience and lessons learned about how to how sing more effectively and bring out the best you are capable of.

"Singing is all about harnessing the energy flowing through your body," he said. "Everybody has a voice and can sing. It's the most accessible form of art on the planet."

Of course singing so that it makes other people smile takes a little thought and practice. His new book provides thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to develop a clear, strong voice, and maintain total control so that you can share what is really going on inside you with the people around you in a most enjoyable way.

“One of the most amazing discoveries that people experience is that there is no single ‘right’ sound to sing with. In fact, the opposite is true. When you sing, you have choices. Singing from the heart with power, passion, and confidence works best when your voice can reflect the emotion of the moment and bring out what is inside you. You can sing whatever calls to you and give expression to new found experiences in way that you never imagined. With the tools and tips in Sing Free Now! you’ll find your authentic voice and develop it into a wonderful tool that empowers you and lets you share and give pleasure to you and the people around you.”

Here are some of his best singing tips on how to stand out.

Know Your Song - have the words memorized and have 2 or 3 emotions that you want to evoke when you sing. "Knowing your motivation" will help you connect to the audience.

Use Dynamics - nothing says boring like a song that sounds the same from beginning to end. You have to change up the volume, the intensity, the tone and all other vocal elements to keep people engaged. Accent key words in each line by make them different-louder, softer, brighter, darker, staccato, legato, etc.

Sing To Your Audience, Not At Them - split the audience into quadrants and sing to each quadrant for a few seconds. Even if you're not making eye contact with every single person it will look and feel as if you're singing to each audience member. Your voice goes where your eyes go don't close your eyes a lot or look over people's heads. Look us in the eye for a few seconds and you'll win our hearts.

Make Friends With Your Belly - learn how to belly breath and "sing from the diaphragm". It is difficult to create a flow when you sing or speak if we can see your shoulders lifting up and down and hear you sucking in air. Knowing how Nature intends for us to breathe and make sound will make a huge impact on your control and confidence.

Be an Intentional Singer Not a Hopeful One - by learning to choose numbers on a scale of 1 to 10 you’ll be able to give your body specific directions about volume, tone, etc. You can move from saying to yourself, "I hope this comes out sounding good", to "I know exactly what I need to do to sing the sound I want".

Turn Off Your Vocal Defense Mechanism - you have a mechanism in your subconscious that tries to protect you from embarrassing yourself when you perform. By learning what triggers it, you can stop it from sabotaging your performance.

Make It Your Own - borrow from the best singers but don't imitate. Take elements of what great singers do and combine them in your singing- you'll create your own recognizable style.

Tell The Story of Your Song - almost all singers obsess about being in tune or forgetting the words. If you put your intention on telling the story of the song instead of trying to "sound good", the audience won't even notice the imperfections.

If You Don't Show It, They Won't Know It - if you don't react to a mistake no one will notice it. Practice making a mistake and continuing as if nothing happened and this will become second nature.

Make A Move, Make a Connection - shift your weight from foot to foot, take a step forward or to the side, change the position of your hands or your body movement is the key to looking confident on stage.

Sing Free Now!

3 Steps to Power Passion and Confidence

Mark Bosnian

List $24.95

352 page soft cover trade

ISBN 978-0-9748840-0-4

Published by Armenoid Publishing, Portland, Oregon

September 2011

Available in bookstores nationwide and online.

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About the Author

Mark Bosnian is a veteran voice teacher, award-winning singer/songwriter and a member of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. Now entering his fourth decade in the music business, Bosnian is a widely recognized expert in the field of vocal performance. His teaching experience includes coaching rock singer Courtney Love (lead singer of the band Hole) for a concert at the Portland, Oregon Rose Garden in March of 1999 and teaching his popular How To Sing From Your Heart & Soul Seminar in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 2000. Bosnian's vocal clients have included such prominent artists as Dan Reed, Linda Hornbuckle, Stephanie Schneiderman, Meredith Brooks and the Fallen Angels Choir.

Mark attended California State University, Fullerton, and has been a professional voice, piano and guitar teacher for 22 years. Bosnian trained with esteemed vocal teacher Tom Blaylock, head of the Northwest Institute of Voice. He expanded his education with other voice professionals such as Oren Brown, considered a pioneer in Voice Therapy; Daniel R. Boone, one of the founding fathers of speech pathology; Robert Bastian, otolaryngologist, voice surgeon and head of The Bastian Voice Institute and Bonnie Raphael, Ph.D., celebrated theater arts voice coach. Bosnian teaches private lessons, group lessons, workshops and his popular Karaoke 101 and Harmony 101 Seminars. He also recently appeared on Portland, Oregon's Fox News-12, where he coached the news anchors on karaoke singing.

He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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