Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Faceless on Ryan's Rock Show

Ryan’s Rock Show has released an exclusive video interview with The Faceless, in which guitarist Michael Keene and bassist Evan Brewer discuss the band’s upcoming third studio album (due in fall via Sumerian), the group’s newly joined vocalist Geoffrey Ficco, and Brewer’s recent solo trek supporting Animals As Leaders and Intronaut.

The interview can be viewed here:

An excerpt follows:

When The Faceless played the Whisky in 2004 with a D.C. band called Reflux, guitarist Michael Keene recalls a misfortune. "I remember [Evan Brewer] got robbed that night," he laughs, reminiscing on a show that marked a turning point in the band's career.

At a time when The Faceless was playing in the L.A. local scene, Brewer was handling bass duties in Reflux, a smaller touring band comprised of then-unknown guitarist Tosin Abasi (who later formed Animals As Leaders) and Ash Avildsen (founder of Sumerian Records). Brewer says The Faceless blew him away. "For once, a local band that [was] crazy good!," he remembers. Continue reading…

Ryan’s Rock Show

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