Friday, October 26, 2012

End o' week musings

It was John Denver who sang "Some days are diamond, some days are stone" and he got it sooo right. And for me this week has been a bit of each.

Friday I had the joy of dancing at the Blessed Sacrament Church carnival in Hollywood. I had about 10 minutes between bands, but the emcee said I had the largest draw of the night at that point and it was true, as people actually stopped and watched. I think I had an advantage though, with my swords. They always command attention and it's something you don't see all that often.

After my performance I wandered through the rides and other attractions and found myself back in front of the stage watching Tequilabilly and Radioactive Chickenheads before heading home for my cozy bed.

Saturday I had odds and ends to do until evening, when my friend Dean and I headed out to the House of Blues Anaheim to see Dio Disciples. It is an all-star band that is honoring Ronnie James Dio by touring and performing his music. (You can read my review in the November issue of ). All I'll say is it was very good and brought me both happiness and tears.

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview assignment Monday. I went to Little Flower, a restaurant, bakery and candy company in Pasadena, to speak with its owner Christine Moore. She is hands-on with her business and her staff adores her... I liked her too. She has an inspiring story of strength and fortitude when going after your dreams, which you'll be able to read about in the Dec/Jan issue of Rose magazine in print and at

Monday also made me sad, as I learned my friend Lisa Haze had passed away. Lisa was the lead singer of two local bands, Skallywags and Lisa Haze & the Dr. Bones Band, as well an actress and humanitarian. In simple words, she was happiest when she was making others happy.

Lisa also had a terrific sense of humor and fun. In fact, one of my favorite photos of myself is the one I have on this blog, plus my Twitter ( @mickieszoo ) and my Facebook, which she took. I was at one of her holiday shows and during the break she and I were chatting. The railing adorned with tinsel that I was standing near sparked her and soon Lisa was using the tinsel to "tie" me to the railing, laughing the entire time. I played along and before I knew it I was one of her camera's victims. Lisa later shared the photo with me and kindly allowed me to use it for whatever I wished.

To learn more about the lovely Lisa Haze, visit her web site at or just Google her. There's plenty of videos of her singing for you to enjoy. I'll miss you, my friend, but I bet you're leading the choir in heaven now... and probably rearranging their music so it's got a little more rock!

Tomorrow I will be going to the Son of Monsterpalooza, horror film convention, in Burbank with my friend and film reviewer Vernor Rodgers ( @vernorsticket ). We're hoping to get filled up with makeup and effects displays, screenings, talks, shopping and whatever other eerie excitement can be had there. We'll be posting some of our findings at

 I'm also looking forward to Halloween. I have my costume and everything set to go, but no hints... you'll find out what I did next Friday... be here (**creepy voice**)!

In rotation this week: "The Very Beast of Dio, Vol. 2," a couple of other Dio CDs, Incubus, Tribe of Gypsies and HorrorPops.

Photos we got 'em:  I snapped this fun image of a truck full of chili peppers on its way to the factory down the street from my office (it made me a little hungry ha ha ha!), plus two cute pet pics from the web and two photos of Dio Disciples by Dean Lee.

Thought o' the week: My other stone this week was learning that I have a cyst on one of my ovaries. You may ask why I would share such a personal thing-- it's to make you think about checking your own health. I didn't have any huge symptoms or massive pain when my doctor decided it was time for an ultrasound on my lady parts, it was more just to make sure everything was doing OK. My doctor is very proactive with testing to keep things in check and I had previous problems in this area, including surgery for a cyst on the same ovary.

I'm fortunate right now because the cyst is small and may go away on its own. On the other hand, it may get bigger and I'll be back under the surgeon's knife. We're going to keep tabs on it and see what happens. Please feel free to send me some good karma if you like.

But what I really want from you is for you to stop putting off those icky, but necessary tests. You know the ones-- mammograms, prostate checks, as well as the little ones like blood pressure checks and diabetes and cholesterol screenings. We have so many medical advantages now that we should, well, take advantage of them and be responsible about our health. Get that physical and whatever else you need so your days will be diamond.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and

Keep on rockin'

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