Thursday, February 7, 2013

Musician Jay Farrar to release memoir

In Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs, a beautifully rendered memoir of his childhood, young adulthood, life as a musician, Jay Farrar wastes no words. Some anecdotes or some stories are only a few lines long but, like poetry, every word has meaning and impact.

The beautifully crafted vignettes encompass everything from the people he has met and the places he’s visited as a traveling musician, to his formative childhood experiences and his impossibly mismatched parents and their cultural identity as people of the Missouri Ozarks.

Farrar explores the eccentricities of his father, the merchant marine and artist “Pops” Farrar and the relationship they shared before his death from lung cancer. More light-hearted tales include being invited to dinner by June Carter Cash, and Keith Richards’ surprising gentle response to a cranky child.

In writing Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs Farrar followed a natural inclination to focus on very specific experiences—a method very similar to the songwriting process. The highlights and pivotal experiences from his musical journey are all represented as the binding thread that connects the stories together. If life is a movie, then what Jay Farrar gives us in this volume are the still frames.

About the Author…
Jay Farrar has been a singer/songwriter for over 25 years. He is the founding member of the legendary band Uncle Tupelo and has been performing with Son Volt since 1995. His albums include One Fast Move or I'm Gone, New Multitudes, and American Central Dust. Among his most recent projects were putting original music to the words and poetry of Jack Kerouac and Woody Guthrie. Visit him online at

Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs: Portraits of a Musical Life
By Jay Farrar  | Pub Date: March 2013 | 978-1-59376-512-5 | Trade Paperback | $15.95 | 192 pages
Counterpoint Press |  | Distributed by Publishers Group West

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