Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Photo Atlas to release album

 High-energy indie dance rockers THE PHOTO ATLAS are ready to self-release their second full-length Stuck In A Honeytrap on February 12, 2013. The album was self-produced by the band, recorded at Silo Sound in Aurora, CO, and mastered atAirshow in Boulder, CO. “I think we finally decided to self-release because we’re impatient and we’ve already done everything ourselves”, explains frontman Alan Andrews. “Not to say it wouldn’t have been fun to work with a label. It was just time. Plus, now we can do whatever we want.”

Melding together the fast tempo and blistering guitars of punk rock, with the undeniable edginess of indie rock and the perfectly punctual melodies of dance rock, The Photo Atlas truly delivers one of the most unique sounds in the industry. The lead off track “The Glass Crashed” features mathy guitars in the vein of Q And Not U. “Memory Like A Sinking Ship” is comprised of one part shoegaze and one part intensity. The first single “Swear I’m Innocent” exudes a big sound with screaming dueling guitars.

With songs titles like “Swear I’m Innocent”, “Shakin’ In My Skin,” and “Screenplay,” there seems to be a theme. “I don’t think there was an intentional theme, but I ended up telling stories about racing cars, racy women, and being in some tight situations,” describes Andrews. “Maybe I’m the detective trying to solve the crime.”

The Photo Atlas released their critically-hailed debut No, Not Me, Never in 2007 via Stolen Transmission, an imprint on Island/Def Jam. Upon entering the studio to record their follow-up with J. Robbins, Stolen Transmission broke away from being an imprint and later dissolved. Between then and now, they released two EPs titled To Silently Provoke the Ghost and Flying Machine, a split with their Denver cohorts The Epilogues titled The Friendship EP, and steadily toured throughout North America.

The Photo Atlas is Alan Andrews (vocals, guitar), Bill Threlkeld (guitar), Mark Hawkins (bass), andJosh Taylor (drums). The band will be playing a record release show in Denver on February 8th at Hi-Dive (7 South Broadway; Denver, CO 80223). A national headline tour will be announced shortly.

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