Friday, April 26, 2013

End o' week musings

I guess I really should say end o' two weeks musings, but it has felt like one seriously long week!

Two weeks ago today, I was hanging out with the 36th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Queen Susann Edmonds. She was a wonderful hostess and has the most beautiful garden! Here's what happened:

My weekend, like last weekend was filled with more Renaissance Faire, but in between tons of interviews and had some fun. For example, on the 15th I went with my drummer and friend Ric to the Glass House in Pomona to see Skinny Lister, Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Selector. It was a good concert, one that made you dance (no matter how tired you felt from dancing all weekend). I have to admit that l liked Skinny Lister the best-- they were so enthusiastic and interacted with the crowd. Even their bass player and drummer jumped off the stage and played their instruments through the audience.

After the show, I went to the merch tables and ended up buying a horse brass from Skinny Lister. Horse brasses are medallions that go on horses' bridles. They come in all sorts of designs and my mother collects them. I bought one featuring an imp with a lantern, as it was the most interesting one on the table.

On Wednesday, Carin invited me to go to Hello Kitty Blanket Night at the Dodgers game. It was actually a good giveaway, as it was a little chilly and we both ended up cuddly warm in our blankets during the game. The Dodgers lost to the Padres, but I enjoyed watching them play. Plus we ate Dodger dogs... such an American thing to do, I felt sorta patriotic writing about it!

We're planning to take little Ivan the Terrior with us for the Bark in the Park Dodgers game in May. I think he'll have a good time with all the other pups, as he's getting quite sociable. 

Thursday, on my way back from an interview about the upcoming Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk in South Pasadena, I followed Orange Grove to get on the 210/134 Freeway. As I approached, I noticed a pair of geese and their goslings attempting to cross the freeway onramp/off ramp from one green park to another. A fellow driver and I blocked the onramp with our cars, while two cars blocked the off ramp, allowing the family to cross safely. It felt good to have helped them... I hope the karma returns. And it only inconvenienced traffic for a couple of minutes.

Friday the 19th was children's day at the Renaissance Faire, a day of educational outreach. I went to play and dance with Ad Hoc Consort and we had a nice time despite the heat and dust. We couldn't get over how many kids don't pick up their feet when they walk! I had dirt on my toes when I took off my socks that evening!

Last Saturday, after Faire, I went to the Pasadena Folk Music Society's show at Caltech featuring Fishtank Ensemble. They were amazing, as was their repertoire of gypsy jazz and world music. Their musicianship was terrific. I got a kick out of the lone woman in the band who change from voice to violin to shaker to saw throughout the show, while the guys stayed each with their one instrument. It reminded me of Faire, where I play tambourine, coconuts, drum, etc. and dance with my swords and veil. We both get a workout lol!

Wednesday I finally saw the movie, "Life of Pi." Yeah, I know late.. but better late than never. It was a beautiful film to watch. I'm not sure if I totally liked the story, as animals died so that was icky (even though I knew it was all computer animated).  But the story made you think, which I definitely liked. I dreamed about the tiger that night.... and I'm still thinking about the film today... Director Ang Lee did his job.

Tomorrow is the 36th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade. If you're still on the fence about going, read my fun story:

If you're sure you would rather stay home or would like to get even more bang for your (free admission) buck, you can follow the event live online

Check in before 11 a.m., as we may be covering some pre-parade goings-on too.

Whatever you do, have a wondrous weekend!

In rotation this week: Fishtank Ensemble, Pismo Spanky, Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band and Hot Water Music.

Photos we got 'em:  Ric posing with a cool scooter outside the Glass House, Carin and me at the Dodgers game, geese crossing and a oldie, but goodie of me and Atticus in the Doo Dah Parade- the driver is Carin's husband, Tom.

Thought o' the week: Make time for fun. My friends often remark that I do a lot. Well, life is short and I believe you should grab as many opportunities as you can. True, I was worn out from my weekend, but going to the concert with Ric was a treat, one I couldn't pass up.

I work hard and play harder. Yes, I could spend quiet time curled up in front of the television and sometimes I do, but I would much rather experience different things. I don't want to have any regrets and hopefully I won't...

Before you pass up an opportunity to get out, think about how much better it will make you feel. You'll stimulate your mind and maybe your heart and soul too. Consider making time for fun.

Keep on rockin'

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