Monday, April 29, 2013

Shimmy Showcase in Long Beach May 18

May 18 --   Coordinator Abraiha takes Shimmyshowcase south of the border.  Whether it be salsa, tango, or cha-cha-cha, the beat is Latin, and we already have Valentina, Shaheen, Bella, Pakita, Jaquelina, and LaLa ready to perform for you and more to be announced soon!

June 15  --  Photographing Fairies -- Special guest coordinatorKaterina presents a peek into that Victorian era when everyone was talking about the fairies caught on film.  Come photograph your own fairies!  Victorian Photographers and Fairy guests receive a special treat, including door prizes for Queen Titania's favorite costumes.  Creativity is encouraged in her realm.  Many of her lovely fairies, of both the light and the dark variety, will be gracing Viento y Agua's stage on this fresh summer evening.

Our Victorian Master of Ceremonies, Gerrard Reyes, will guide explorers through their escapades with Katerina, Akasha Starr, Veronika of Spyglass Studio, Draca, Daania Hidiyah, Bella, Rebekah, and DeAnna Cameron, author of The Belly Dancerand Dancing at the Chance.  More special treats to be announced soon!

July 20 – “White Hot Bling” (Abraiha/Xandra coordinators) ~Dancer sign-ups begin June 20

August  17 – “Rock ‘a Belly” (Ilana/Amber coordinators) ~ Dancer sign-ups begin July 17

September  14  -  “Gothic Night” (Draca/Ilana coordinators) ~Dancer sign-ups begin August 14

October 19 – “Shivershowcase” (Ilana/Amber coordinators) ~Dancer sign-ups begin September 19

November 16 –  “Harvest Festival” (Abraiha/Xandra coordinators) ~ Dancer sign-ups begin October 16

December 14 –  “Winter Holidays” (Saviya/Draca coordinators) ~Dancer sign-ups begin November 14
SHIMMY SHOWCASE takes place on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at Viento y Agua Coffee House in Long Beach at 4007 East 4th Street; 562-434-1182.   Remember—there’s never a cover charge, but we encourage you to arrive early so you can purchase a tasty treat or beverage from our host venue before settling down to watch the show.

We are interested in your feedback!  Please submit your comments regarding Shimmyshowcase, our current venue, or the new, once-a-month schedule, to any of the below sites: 

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