Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cancer cure sought with "The Song the World Wrote"

Music fans who have always dreamed of writing a world-famous song can now become a part of "Oceans of Love - The Song the World Wrote," a unique songwriting contest designed to knit hearts from around the world together in song and help fight cancer. Lucy DeLima-Wilson and her son, Johnny DeLima, have dreamed for many years of one day bringing people from around the world together in perfect harmony to spread cheer and goodwill to others. They are now realizing this dream through an amazing effort to write a song that contains lines from folks around the world.

"This is a very inspirational project, as music is a great way to tell a story and help find a cure. Cancer affects too many people and hopefully, the proceeds from this song will help in finding a cure. I look forward to hearing the finished song," says Shane Bourbonnais, President of Live Nation in Canada.

"Oceans of Love - The Song the World Wrote" will consist of lines entered by contestants each week for 24 consecutive weeks. The starting date for entries will be announced in a later release. Once the contest officially begins, line entries will be made online at the Web site. Visitors to the Web site will vote each weekend to determine which line will be added to the song Monday morning. The world can watch online as this amazing song comes together.

Lucy DeLima-Wilson states, "This will be the first time a songwriting effort of this magnitude has ever been attempted. Guinness Records is currently reviewing our preliminary application."

The BC Cancer Foundation ( is the grateful recipient of a percentage of the net proceeds from the contestants- entry fees through the end of the contest, along with another international cancer research organization (to be determined).

"'Oceans of Love - The Song the World Wrote' will help the many thousands of people around the world who are affected by cancer every day. The BC Cancer Foundation is honored to be one of the two charities chosen to deliver this message of hope," states Nicholas Locke, Senior Vice President, Development, BC Cancer Foundation.

Emmy Award Winning Songwriter A.J. Gundell will kick off the first line of lyrics; other lines from contestants will follow. The theme of the song is love, peace and paying it forward. The second phase of the contest will be writing the music, with the final goal of having it recorded by an international recording artist.

About Lucy DeLima-Wilson and Johnny DeLima: Johnny is a performer/songwriter in Vancouver. He survived major brain surgery as a teenager and awoke with a new-found commitment to life and giving back. Lucy is a social worker in Toronto who enjoys spreading the ideas of love and unity to others. She believes strongly in diversity and paying it forward.

More information about the lyrics contest and voting procedures can be found at the Web address below. Those interested in writing a line of the song or voting should check the Web site often as new information is added:

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