Thursday, March 8, 2007

End o' week musings

You may think I'm cheating, posting this on a Thursday, but actually I have a few days off so I don't want to be remiss and leave you without my thoughts this week...

I spent part of last Friday sitting for an artist who is working on a series of mermaid paintings. He works in a wide range of media and subjects, including landscapes, aircraft and contemporary themes. Check out Schuyler Wrobel at

On Saturday I danced at Atomic Raq-it. My partner, Zaynah, and I took our audience on a three-decade tour. We shimmied to Jerry Lee Lewis' "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On," looked cute with parasols to Petula Clark's "Downtown" and did a sword dance to Aerosmith's version of the Shagra La's hit "(Remember) Walking in the Sand." Andrew's Bad Stuff, a local eclectic rock cover band, performed during the event as well. Check them out at

The remainder of my week has been a flurry of work with one brief respite- a more than cool interview with Kim Nekroman of the Nekromantix. For the unfamiliar, they're a psychobilly band with lyrics that run flush with irony, scarism and dark humor-- that equals fun! I'll let you know when they're coming to town and when my story publishes.

In rotation this week: Shaw-Blades, Media Orphan, Requisite, Thunder Blooze Express, Nekromantix and Joe Walla Band.

Hope you took a good look at the photos I'm sharing, as they inspire unique friendships! Now do something good for yourself this week-- good enough than you want to go out and make someone else happy!
And, as always,
keep on rockin'

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