Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Check out new music store for artists & fans- is now open and ready for business. This explosive new music store has been boiling for over 8 months preparing research and technical development and is now ready to bring consumers a pleasant and safe environment to browse, buy and download independent music to what they call "Music 2.0".

KaboomTune also gives musicians a chance to sell their albums, t-shirts, bumper stickers and more, all from their custom tailored Kaboom Profile. Each artist can have Music Videos, a Blog and Streaming Cameras. KaboomTune is also capable of handling live streaming concerts from anywhere in the world. KaboomTune helps its artists grow musically and financially by giving them retail space free of charge. It's a win-win situation for the artist.

The independent music retailer has partnered with IFanz Inc. which is owned and operated by Ruth McCartney. This allows artists to cost effectively sell their music on iTunes, Napster AOL and more. The digital distribution is only $30 and artists retain 85%. KaboomTune works hard to advertise its artists by way of word of mouth, partnerships and specific target markets. Musicians and customers alike will be happy with KaboomTune's service and dedication to independent music.

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