Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chris Shin of Unified Theory now promoting new band

Chris Shinn, formerly with Unified Theory, is hitting the road to spread the word about his new band, Everything Is Energy. They’re performing in Hollywood on Thursday, April 12 at King King at 10:30pm.

After Unified Theory dissolved in 2001, Chris spent the next few years forming the band now known as Everything Is Energy. However, that didn’t come without some personal sacrifice. After troubling health issues lead to self-medicating, Chris checked himself into a treatment facility where he was able to get healthy and subsequently start his music career refreshed and more balanced.

As Chris says, “All I hoped was to never again feel the way I did going into rehab. I wanted my voice back.”

Chris spent the better part of the next year coming to terms with his addiction to alcohol and putting his emotional well being first. “Just like most things with me, putting these things first in my life had to be learned.”

“Being able to play music with people I love and make the sort of records we want is success,” he continues. “That is the truth! Before recovery, I felt owed. Living in the sickness prevented me from living honestly. Now, living in the truth prevents me from that sickness.”

In a review of Unified Theory’s self-titled album on All Music Guide, Greg Prato praised Chris’ vocals: “While new singer Chris Shinn does bear some resemblance vocally to Blind Melon's late great singer Shannon Hoon (both sing in a high register and have a thing for ethereal lyrics), Unified Theory's self-titled debut shows that Shinn has brought a more modern rock sound to the proceedings, mixing Jeff Buckley and Radiohead with (Brad) Smith and (Christopher) Thorn's retro rock stylings (Zep, Allmans, etc.).”

The debut album from Everything Is Energy — produced by Krish Sharma (Perry Farrell, The Rolling Stones) -- will be released later this year on Chris’ The Nest Records, which he started with manager JJ Sansone. To check out four songs from the forthcoming disc, please head over to Everything Is Energy’s Myspace page at

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