Thursday, March 1, 2007

End o' week musings

Here's to another week towards spring! I've been getting in a few days with the top down on the car, but I'd love lots more...

My benefit band rehearsal went well. I actually surprised myself with how much I was learning about the construction of the songs we're working on. I haven't sung with a band on regular basis in years, but my ear hasn't been idle. I could tell if we were rushing things and get cues from the predominant instrument in each tune. I also discovered that songs I didn't give a lot of thought to have become quite alive and intriguing, such as Neil Young's "Down by the River." It's a simple piece, but the instrumentation is complex and interesting. It is also very emotional to sing. The band is yet unnamed-- my suggestion for Free Beer was turned down. Heck, I figured that people would at least show up to see about the beverages and maybe stay to listen- ha ha ha!

Speaking of singing-- above you can see me during my Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp ( ) audition. I'm performing with a mix of pro artists and campers. Fellow camper, Linda Burnside, snapped this shot-- thank you, Linda. She plays keyboards and I saw her in concert at the House of Blues with her camp band and she rocked!!
The rest of the week I spent preparing choreography for my show in Redlands on Saturday. I'll be dancing at Atomic Raq-it!, a belly dance event using music from the '50s through the '70s. Find out more at or
To finish off my exciting week, I had an interview with Steve Bernstein, publisher of Relix magazine, regarding Relix Bands Relix Bands are bracelets made from used guitar strings donated by major artists and sold for charity. There are quite a few musicians involved and you can select from plain and custom jewelry designs. Take a minute to check them out, they make great gifts, as you give twice-- to the bracelet recipient and to someone who needs a helping hand.
In rotation this week: Media Orphan, Winger, Nekromantix, Thunder Blooze Express, Aerosmith, Jerry Lee Lewis, Petula Clark and Tom Petty.
Do something unexpected to make someone's day special
and, as always,
keep on rockin'!

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