Thursday, March 1, 2007

New indie label- Spaceland Recordings


Spaceland Productions ( ), the managing company of the Los Angeles live music venues -- Spaceland, The Echo, Ex_Plx and other assorted venues, announced a partnership with multimedia strategic marketing and production company CyKiK ( ) to form an independent record label, Spaceland Recordings ( ).

Spaceland Recordings’ signature dish is speedy delivery of high quality audio / video from established and emerging artists, as captured in live performances at Spaceland Productions events. By utilizing state of the art recording techniques and delivery systems, Spaceland Recordings delivers high quality live recordings / video to consumers at competitive price points. A concert-goer can catch the latest “buzz” band live on stage, purchase the music and soon thereafter receive high-quality audio / video capturing the thrill of that moment.

A perfect example of Spaceland Recordings speedy delivery of music is the track “Life Is a Song”, by Patrick Park from his live album, which was licensed for the series-finale of The O.C. (Fox). Spaceland Recordings live version is the only commercially available version of this track for sale anywhere. Additional releases on Spaceland Recordings include live concerts from emerging artists such as Asobi Seksu, Darker My Love, The Drones and Irving, among others.

Spaceland Recordings produces full-length albums, TV-show-length, Web-length, mobile-length, video programming, A.K.A. “Snacks”, made available to consumers in various delivery methods -- from video-on-demand, P2P, mobile, IPTV, traditional broadcasts all the way across the spectrum to hand-made-to-order (earth friendly) CDs and DVDs. Distributed domestically and internationally by KUFALA Recordings ( ).

“When Spaceland started in 1995, I always had this vision of recording some special concerts, like the first Beck show with his band or the first Elliott Smith solo show,” said Mitchell Frank, of Spaceland Recordings and President of Spaceland Productions “These shows were prior to when they were nationally - let alone internationally - known artists! Spaceland Recordings gives us the opportunity to introduce fans to cool bands way before the curve and allow the entire world to hear them as local L.A. music fans first heard and saw them at Spaceland – live on stage.”

“The goal of Spaceland Recordings is to document historic coming-of-age moments for bands on stage,” said KamranV, of Spaceland Recordings and CEO of CyKiK. "We feel it is important to show the rest of the music world that creativity hasn’t died along with CD sales. Since our start last July, we’ve already seen great global success – and sales -with artists such as Asobi Seksu, Patrick Park and The Drones.”

All Spaceland Recordings are produced by KamranV. The audio is mixed and recorded by top engineers from Mission 30 (David Bowie, NIN, Guns ‘n Roses, The Eagles and more) and famed truck recording giant Le Mobile (Coachella, U2, Jane’s Addiction, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, and Prince), giving listeners the feel of experiencing the show itself. Working with music video veterans Draw Pictures (Oasis, Prodigy, Depeche Mode, The 88), Spaceland Recordings also produces video designed to provide a sense of the full live experience with multiple camera shoots. CDs and DVDs boast earth-friendly hand-made packaging printed on unique recycled chipboard, adding to the boutique cache of the product.

Spaceland Recordings releases are available via KUFALA Recordings from one stops Super D, Arrow, Junketboy and Hepcat in the United States as well as PHD (Canada), Dock Entertainment (Spain, Portugal, Germany), I.R.D. (Italy), Bertus (Benelux), Socadisc (France) and Shock (Australia). Most digital music services such as iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, as well as niche music sites such as and Amie Street currently distribute the Spaceland Recordings catalog. Spaceland Recordings wholeheartedly supports and highly encourages independent retail and open digital formats such as MP3s.

[current releases]
No. 18 Ninja Academy [at the Echo • January 19th, 2007]
No. 17 The Parson Red Heads [at the Echo • December 18th, 2006]
No. 16 Lemon Sun [at the Echo • December 5th, 2006]
No. 15 Let’s Go Sailing Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 3 • November 27th, 2006]
No. 14 Irving [in Spaceland • November 16th, 2006]
No. 13 The Drones [in Spaceland • November 15th, 2006]
No. 12 Thunderbirds Are Now! [in Spaceland • October 14th, 2006]
No. 11 Asobi Seksu [at the Echo • October 6th, 2006]
No. 10 Patrick Park [Mondays in Spaceland • September 26th, 2006]
No. 09 City-State • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 2:3 • August 28th, 2006]
No. 08 The Exploders • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 2:2 • August 21st, 2006]
No. 07 Sean Na Na • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 2:1 • August 7th, 2006]
No. 06 Darker My Love • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 1 • July 2006]
No. 05 Darker My Love • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 1 (Abridged) • July 2006]
No. 04 Darker My Love • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 1:4 • July 31st, 2006]
No. 03 Darker My Love • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 1:3 • July 24th, 2006]
No. 02 Darker My Love • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 1:2 • July 17th, 2006]
No. 01 Darker My Love • Mondays in Spaceland [Volume 1:1 • July 10th, 2006]

As president and founder of Spaceland Productions, Mitchell Frank turned a Silver Lake pub into one of the most popular and successful nightclubs in Los Angeles. The club Spaceland is now the epicenter a nationally renowned music scene with an extensive community base. Mitchell Frank is a trailblazing entrepreneur, concert and event producer, music promoter, record company executive and restaurateur with a 15-year track record of success.

Spaceland Productions has been responsible for hundreds of concerts and private parties at major venues around Los Angeles, producing shows by such popular and acclaimed acts as Animal Collective, Atmosphere, Beck, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Devendra Banhart, The Faint, Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Jurassic 5, Modest Mouse, Nora Jones, Ozomatli, the New York Dolls, The Polyphonic Spree, Postal Service, TV on the Radio, The Shins, Weezer, The White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as hundreds of other major artists.

Spaceland is also responsible (to the extent a club can actually make a difference) for the careers of local acts such as the Silversun Pickups, Cold War Kids, Giant Drag, the Moving Units, Irving, Midnight Movies, Inara George and Mia Doi Todd among others. Spaceland Productions also co-produces a range of events including the Sunset Junction Street Fair, the KCRW Sounds Eclectic Evening and Arthurfest among others.

Founded by KamranV, CyKiK is a multi-faceted music firm specializing in artist development, mobile/digital music strategies for global brands and content-based interactive marketing strategy. Formerly Head of Production in the New Media division of Interscope Geffen A&M, Kamran’s expertise set the standard for research-driven artist marketing for their entire roster. As IGA’s point person for new technology business development he lead music development in mobile phones, Video on Demand, and new physical formats such as DVD-Audio and Dual-Disc for which he served as Producer of many releases include Grammy nominated albums from Keane, Nine Inch Nails, and Beck's "Guero." Through these efforts, KamranV co-founded Universal’s mobile division where he served as its Head of Marketing.

The first show in Spaceland Productions' history was Beck, Foo Fighters, Possum Dixon, and Lutefisk at the legendary club Spaceland. From that first show to today, Spaceland has built and maintained an atmosphere where artists feel at home. In the club fans and artists are instantly comfortable. Spaceland Recordings bottles this environment in it purest form.

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