Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Are I gaining notice


What was the last band that managed to successfully merge classic rock’s multi-layered sound with prog metal sonic exploration? Few have been so bold – but Boston’s We Are I are no average band.

“Everybody in the band is a really great player,” explains guitarist Rich Chamberland. “It’s really diverse. Jay Staples (singer) is a freak – he’s very melodic, his voice has a Freddie Mercury-like quality to it. Keenan Wakem (bass) is amazing – his stage show is killer. New blood, Ralph Arsenault (drummer) has kicked the band up an extra notch."

On the heels of their first release, ‘Off the Hook,’ the quartet has just unleashed a self-titled EP produced by Anthony J. Resta, who has worked with the likes of Collective Soul, Megadeth, Perry Farrell, and Elton John.

"Listen to our music, it’s heavy but melodic, everybody sings. This is a four-part-harmony band. What you hear is what you get. We don’t ‘kind of pull it off.’ I like to think of us as a ‘hybrid band,’ not alternative. We fuse together a lot of influences. When you listen to the music, you’ve got Jay delivering rapid fire lyrics, with the band playing three over four time, so it’s like Tool but a little crazier – controlled chaos hybrid rock.”

Soon after their formation, We Are I quickly made fans out of some of the most successful and renowned hard rock musicians, including Disturbed’s Dave Draiman (who says of the band, “Their CD jumped out at us - we heard something very unique, the caliber of musicianship is top notch”) and Godsmack’s Robbie Merrill (who is highly anticipating the group’s new release – "I just couldn't take their first album out of my CD player, I can't wait for the new stuff!").

As a result of Draiman and Merrill’s support of the group – and prime opening spots for the likes of Disturbed, Lacuna Coil, Shinedown, and King’s X - record labels are beginning to buzz around We Are I. With even greater success on the horizon, it’s the band’s ability to pull through the rough times that has gotten them to where they are today.

For more information, visit www.wearei.com and www.myspace.com/i

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