Friday, March 23, 2007

End o' week musings

It's been a hectic week in my world, but I sure didn't miss any fun.
Last Saturday, my brother, Jason, had planned to go with me to see Trash Daddy but got stuck at his work. I was already at my mother's house and she asked, "It's a live band show, right?" "Yes," I answered warily. "I'd like to go," she said. So we got prettied up and headed down to Angel's Roadhouse.
There were two bands before Trash Daddy- a classic rock/metal group and a Tom Petty tribute band. My mom was arockin'! And when Trash Daddy took the stage, we got out of our seats and headed up toward the stage to get a better view of the action. The show was great and my mother wants to see them again!
I went to dance practice on Sunday and we're almost ready for our show on the 31st. Plus we're already plotting our evil ideas for our next few shows after that.
The rest of my week has been a blur of writing, dancing, singing and generally trying to keep out of trouble. ha ha ha! On Monday, I will be spending the day with the performers for Circus Vargas, learning some of the acts for a story. What an exciting life, huh? Oh yeah, up top, you might notice my 1965 Triumph Daytona Special 500+ chopper. My brother is helping me refurbish it so I can get cruising again. If you know any places to get good deals on sandblasting and rechroming, please drop me a line... thanks!
In rotation this week: Tribe of Gypsies, Aerosmith, Nekromantix, 50 Lashes, Bitch Funky Sex Machine, Nashville Pussy, Aerosmith, Biohazard and Saturday Morning Television (a rocked up compilation).
Find an adventure this week and
keep on rockin'

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