Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Free Conscientious Projector screening on June 14

Conscientious Projector Screens Holy Land: Common Ground

Conscientious Projector continues its examination of Israeli-Palestinian strife with a look at dedicated efforts by citizens from both sides of the divide who join in cooperation toward a mutual goal of peace. Holy Land: Common Ground, to be presented in a special preview screening on Thursday, June 14 at 7 pm at The Armory Center for the Arts, is a celebration of the human spirit: out of the darkness of brutal conflict, Palestinians and Israelis transform pain and loss into hope for the future.
Filmmaker Alicia Dwyer will be with us to talk about the film in the community discussion that will follow it. The Armory is located at 145 North Raymond in Old Pasadena. Admission is free and the facility is accessible to disabled persons. The series is co-sponsored by All Saints Church’s Sustainable World Ministry and the ImagineAction-Theatre of the Oppressed in association with The Armory Center for the Arts. For more information, contact Marty Coleman at 626.792.4941.

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