Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wicked Relish on the airwaves June 15

Hard rockers Wicked Relish are one of my favorite local bands. Support local music by tuning in and voting. Good luck boyz ~M

On june 15th between 1-2pm (California time) You can hear Wicked Relish LIVE. We will be on the Frosty, Hedi and Frank Show Segment called " Should I stay or should I Go" as judges and we will be jamming one song . You can hear the show online or, of course, on 97.1. The Frosty, Hedi, and Frank show is the best 10am-3pm talk show you will ever hear.. Very funny and entertaining!! Go check it out now if you have not heard it..


Link to the Frosty, Hedi and Frank Show.

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