Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stereolab tribute album to be released

Famous for their use of vintage keyboard instruments such as Moog synthesizers and Vox & Farfisa organs, STEREOLAB has been and continues to be a major musical influence. Incorporating new instrumentation, and an increasingly complex senseof rhythm and structure, frequently making use of asymmetric time signatures as well as unorthodox chord progressions and melodic intervals, musicians have marveled over their talents. Summer 2005, Producer and Stereolab-enthusiast SHELBRIC FULLER embarked on an international music project. Searching for talent from the four corners of the globe, he assembled not only musicians but musicians who were Stereolab fans for a tribute album.
"I knew from the beginning that doing a Stereolab tribute album would be a double-edged sword. Stereolab's fan base are protective over the band's music. I thought that it would either inspire listeners or incite a revolt, but after talking with so many bands who were excited about the prospect of showing their respect for their all-time favorite band, I decided to take the risk. I am happy that I did. The effort and results are absolutely incredible and shows how Stereolab has a place in the hearts and minds of other artists."
Over the next two years, artists from UK, France, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, and the USA worked diligently on their reworking. The songs chosen vary from different periods in Stereolab's long 17-year career. The shared idea from all the artist was not to create a song that the public would like but a reworking that Stereolab would appreciate if they listened to it themselves.
From Manson's Child's electro-rock version of The Noise of Carpet to *V*I*R*G*O* & PRYDRM's swing-glitch collaboration on Margerine Melodie, no detail was left unchecked. It sometimes took the contributors months to finish a song. PRYDRM w/Eliska's remake of Captain Easychord, in which the first and second verses are switched, makes use of his detailed editing skills to create a dramatic electronic opus. The Cleveland-based, 7-member afro-beat band, Mifune, lead by their amazing female vocalist and lush horn section brings Infinity Girl to another level. Already famous for his quirky, retro-loop style, the Coconutmonkey Rocket, rock-lounges Moogie Wonderland.
The album is comprised of 12 songs and 2 remixes by UK-based remixers, P. Madsen and the Astonishing Sod Ape. The album is presently available on Itunes for download with a physical CD release date scheduled for August 28th, 2007.

Track listings:
International Colouring Contest by lostsatellite
Hillbilly Motobike by Alexander von Mehren
Caleidoscopic Gaze by Duophonic Rodent
Cybele's Reverie by Monocle
Margerine Melodie by *V*I*R*G*O* & Prydrm
Moogie Wonderland by Coconut Monkeyrocket
Ticker-tape of the Unconscious by Nathaniel Atcheson
Check and Double Check by Simple Machines
Ping Pong by Monopoli
The Noise of Carpet by Manson's Child
Infinity Girl by Mifune
Captain Easychord by Prydrm featuring Eliska
Hillbilly Motobike Remix by P. Madsen
Margerine Melodie Remix by Astonishing Sod Ape

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