Monday, July 25, 2011

Deidre to release EP

Savoir Adore Chantuese DEIDRE To Release Solo Curious Parcel EP
Out August 2nd On Itunes

DEIDRE's debut EP "Curious Parcel" is like a femme fatale who gets distracted and falls in love - filled with vulnerability, pleasure, suspicion, and tragedy. Mixing sounds of the blues, gypsies, surf safaris, 60s a-go-go and more, she melds numerous influences into songs of love and horror - a totally new sound for the singer who also performs in Brooklyn bands Savoir Adore and French Horn Rebellion.

But where did inspiration for such a blend of sounds come from? In August of 2010, DEIDRE found a package on her doorstep, severely weathered, and covered in forwarded addresses ranging from New Orleans to Berlin, dated from 1905 to 1966. The National Security Agency deemed the package a "curious parcel" and has urged DEIDRE to voluntarily hand over the object to them for investigation. But in an act almost as mysterious as the parcel itself, she decided to take the secrets within it and share them with the world. Curating and hosting conceptual parties at Brooklyn's Zebulon over the last year, DEIDRE began to harness her storytelling skills. She and producer David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion, MGMT's Time To Pretend) have captured that energy on this collection of recordings, with much more on the way.

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