Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doll event at Knott's July 30

Kathy and Janet Lennon will be signing their award-winning product line, Best Pals, at Knott’s Berry Farm’s 2011 Doll Event on Saturday, July 30TH. Linda Rick, President/ Artist for The Doll Maker as well as a Precious Moments Artist will also be present at the event.

The celebrity sisters, who still perform in Branson and select venues throughout the year, developed their doll line based on their lifelong friendship and their love for a pair of ragdolls handmade for them by their mother and their Nana in 1949.

As a little girl Linda Rick always believed in fairytales where her dolls would come to life and play. Linda Rick started her business back in 1990, then in 2001 she became the doll designer for Precious moments and the rest is fairytale history!

Knott’s Doll Event will take place at Virginia’s Gift Shop located in Knott’s Marketplace from 11 am – 2 pm. The event includes hourly raffles, doll signing, Knott’s exclusive Limited Edition Precious Moments “Fluttering Around Knott’s Berry Farm” and the introduction of their limited edition Kathy and Janet Best Pals Gift Sets with the dolls dressed in exclusive Jim Shore dresses and aprons. Other doll lines featured at the event include Arista, Charisma, Key to My Heart, Marie Osmond Dolls, The Ashton-Drake Galleries and Lee Middleton Moments.

Knott’s Marketplace is open to the public and does not require park admission. Three hours of free parking is also available.

To find out all the summer activities at Knott’s Berry Farm and to download a money-saving flyer for the Doll Event, visit www.knotts.com.

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