Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pentimento releases new EP

Seattle, WA’s Panic Records has just released Wrecked, the latest EP from Buffalo, NY melodic punks, Pentimento. The band will be launching a tour with Heartwell on August 20.

While staying true to the roots and influences of their upbringing, what sets Pentimento apart is the sheer honesty and authenticity you take way when listening to their music. The goal of Pentimento has always been to create passionate music that they could share with others and have the listener feel and connect with on a personal level.

Pentimento's process of writing and recording their newest EP Wrecked was to weed out any possibility of artificial factors or "studio magic". The goal was to bring the most genuine and real instance to the listener with the hopes that the same experience that is put across live, comes through on their recordings. Pentimento’s Wrecked has achieved that goal and surpassed it with one of the most honest EP’s to come out this year.

Wrecked EP Track Listing:

1.) The Rules of Attraction
2.) Walking Calmly in Your Wake
3.) Words with Friends
4.) Everything's Eventual
5.) Maybe, Just Maybe
6.) Isn't it Obvious?

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