Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SoundWalk in Long Beach Oct. 1

SoundWalk is a free annual one-night event of sound installations by local and international sound artists held in Long Beach, Ca since 2004. The event, which will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 5:00-10:00 pm, will take place throughout 4th St, Linden Ave, First Street and Elm Ave. Produced and curated by the artist cooperative FLOOD, SoundWalk transforms the sidewalks, storefronts, parking lots, parks and bus stops of downtown Long Beach’s dynamic East Village community into postmodern auditory works of art.

Visitors can expect to find themselves in a city space converted into a sonic canvas on which artists will transform the way guests will explore the East Village. This is Southern California’s premier sound art event which combines a curiosity of noise, urban exploration, and interactive art. Hear the art and meet the artists. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops accommodate your visit to the neighborhood.

The City of Long Beach has a goal to be the most bicycle friendly urban city in the country. FLOOD encourages artists and visitors to not only ride their bicycles to the event but also use them to the explore the larger area of this year’s event. The neighborhood is only one block away from the end of Metro Blue line. Secure bicycle parking is available. Metered car parking is available on the street. Additional parking is also available in the parking lot at the NE corner of Broadway and Elm Ave and the SW corner of Linden and 4th at Fingerprints.

The artist group, FLOOD has been working together on installation projects since 2002.
FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres. Current members of FLOOD are Kamran Assadi, Frauke von der Horst, Shelley RuggThorp, Shea M Gauer, and Marco Schindelmann.

Participating Artists:
Alan Lechuza / Alan Nakagawa / Alex Braidwood / Andre Wakko / Andrea Williams /
Annieji HU Pink! / Clowns and Fetuses / Collin Woodford / Craque / David Cox & Kim Walker / David Kendall / Douglas Bland / bRUTAL pOODLE / Erin Scott / Gary Raymond / gil kuno / gintas k / Glenn Bach / Igor Amokian / Inouk Demers / Jeff Rau / joshua erkman / Kenneth Cameron / LavishWomb / Linda Ravenswood / Madelyn Byrne / Mark Trayle / Michael Wysong / MLuM / Nat Evans / Pedestal and the All Girl Band / Phillip Stearns / phog masheeen / Roxanne Varzi / Seth Weiner / smgsap / Steven Speciale / Therisse Martinez / Tom McDermott / Vincent Olivieri / Wikigong / Winston Berger / Winter Jenssen / Xavier Leonard / Yoon Chung Han

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