Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Host Dkull to release album

Host Skull is a new venture from multi-instrumentalists David Bernabo and Will Dyar that aims to play with the concept of a band, while making interesting and engaging music. Since the band is split between Pittsburgh and Sante Fe, this obstacle has provided the chance for Host Skull to double. Instead of one band, Host Skull will consist of two bands that operate in different cities. This disjointed yet distinct identity reveals itself on the debut full-length from the ensemble, "Totally Fatalist".

"Totally Fatalist" consists of 11 tracks that speak in one voice of many parts. There are moments of 5ive Style-inflected guitar cut short by skwonky staccato rhythms, dub bass, and pop bliss. Jagged pop songs are crafted and (de)constructed with 1970s-era orchestrations of stirring horns and keys, flutes, flowering guitars, smooth vocals, and a melange of melodies, all undercut with a tilting post-rock articulation. The resulting record plays like a summer hangout session one always remembers and one hopes doesn't end.

Will Dyar was a founding member of Oakley Hall, has performed with Christy&Emily, and has worked with Company, Dirty Faces, and Ex-Models. David Bernabo has performed with a number of acts (Assembly, Boxstep, Vale and Year), curated the Abstract On Black imprint, and has worked on music and multi-media projects with Jem Finer, Justin Hopper, and Ragnar Kjartansson. Membership in the band may increase exponentially during Host Skull's live shows scheduled after "Totally Fatalist" is released in September 2011, and certainly when Host Skull opens the "Inhabit Host Skull" art installation at the renowned Pittsburgh art gallery 707 Penn Gallery in March 2012. The installation will allow anyone to be a recording member of Host Skull. A number of other musicians have already contributed to the project: Brandon Masterman (saxophones, voice) , Liz Adams (voice, double bass), Ben Montgomery (trumpet, percussion), Kerrith Livengood (flutes, piccolo), Jim Siders (trombone), Vince Camut (pedal steel), among others.

A free MP3 download of Host Skull's single "Totally Fatalist" is here:

The album will be released on September 13th.

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