Friday, October 19, 2012

End o' week musings

Tomorrow I plan to sleep in. I want to slide past my usual alarm clock time having sweet dreams in the middle of all my fluffy pillows. And I deserve it.

Last Friday I went to Wicked Lit, a trio of plays gleaned from classic horror literature and presented on the grounds of Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum in Altadena. It was creepy and fun. The acting was good and the sets, sounds and visions were fantastic. If you're looking for some grown up entertainment this scary season, I highly recommend it and, best yet, Wicked Lit has extended its season to Nov. 10... that's because it keeps sellling out and that's probably a better indication of a good thing than anything I could say.

Saturday I wandered through downtown Covina checking out the cars on display for Thunderfest. There were a lot of neat vehicles, from an old bakery van to hot rods and more.

That evening I went with my friend Dean to the KABC radio studios for "Dining With Dills." Dean is the show's web producer and I had been invited to sit in on Peter Dills' ( ) show with Gene Simmons and some of his crew from his Rock and Brews restaurant in El Segundo. Simmons was also there to publicize Rocktoberfest ( ) in Los Angeles, which continues through Sunday.

Simmons had brought some samples of food, including huge bratwurst dogs with saurkraut, pretzels and beer and I got to nibble on a few things. The cuisine was good and the show was interesting. I had to laugh when Mr. Pasadena ( @mr_pasadena ) tweeted asking if he had spotted me munching on a dog on the webstream-- yes, he was correct. Perhaps not the most flattering view of me, but fun nonetheless.

On Sunday I went to Disney's California Adventure with Hara. We had planned to do both parks, but never got there, as there was lots to do at DCA. Hara was right when she said we had to go to Carsland first-- it was very crowded! We went on the rides there, plus the Ferris wheel, rollercoaster and a few other things. We also shopped a bit and I picked up a Frankenweenie journal for my movie critic friend Vernor ( ) and a few other treats. It was a good day.

Monday the adventures kept coming. I began my day by interviewing Dave Wakeling of the English Beat. He's quite a character and we had a terrific chat. Watch for my story late November at In the evening, I went to the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles to see Xavier Rudd. The Australian singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist was amazing! He plays digeridoo and drums at the same time, as well as guitar, lap steel, harmonica and more. His voice draws you in with its raspy sweet tones and his musicianship is top-notch.

I finally saw "Frankenweenie" Tuesday night with Vernor. It beat watching the presidential debates, which I could easily catch up on later. There were only four people in the audience counting us-- creepy, but cool. The film was fun. I'm pleased with how it was done versus the original 1984 live action short.

Tonight I will be dancing with my swords around 8 p.m. at the carnival in my blog post below. I plan to stay and check out the music and other activities. The performance lineup looks good and I know Tequila has been adding in a few acts, so if you go, expect some surprises!

Dio Disciples are on my must-do list this weekend too. They kick off their tour in Anaheim Saturday. I have met or know all of the players in the band and am curious to see what songs they pic to honor Ronnie. For the uninformed, Dio Disciples is a band put together to tribute the late Ronnie James Dio. It consists of some of his band, as well as other star artists in the metal world. I hope I don't cry too much, as I still miss him.

What else? Well you'll have to wait until next week to find out!

In rotation this week: Joan Baez, Weird Al Yankovich, Terrible Things and Dio.

Photos we got 'em: Two pix from Carsland at DCA, and then from Dean Lee a couple of shots of me in the studio with Gene Simmons and Peter Dills and a photo of Xavier Rudd in concert.

Thought o' the week:  Sleep in. OK, that's big on my list today, but it's important sometimes. It's good to vary your routine and do something different,whether it's sleeping in or dancing in the rain. Variety is the spice of life it's said and I think that's true~ who wants to eat and do the same thing every day. Heck, even fitness experts tell us to vary our workouts for optimum results.

I'm usually up early, perky and ready to go. I bounce out of bed and workout, doing yoga, stretching, light weights, for about a hlaf-hour, then it's in the shower and so on. For me, sleeping in and gradually getting up, sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and having a leisurely morning is not only unique, it's a treat.  It's good to be good to yourself, you feel better and that shines through to the rest of the world. Sleep in and

Keep on rockin'

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