Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guitar Tricks offers lessons to play Papa Roach

 In celebration of the highly anticipated release of 'The Connection' by Papa Roach, Guitar Tricks Inc. has announced a series of video guitar lessons teaching the band's top hits. The new lessons cover rock guitar favorites such as 'Last Resort', 'Between Angels and Insects', and 'Blood Brothers', by teaching the riffs, chords, and even how to achieve the guitar tone used for each song. With the addition of these video lessons to the expansive Guitar Tricks song lesson library, fans get to learn to play guitar in Papa Roach's edgy, hard-rock style.

Guitar Tricks features an award-winning teaching system that breaks down Papa Roach favorites into a series of short, manageable guitar lessons that will have their fans emulating the band's signature sound in no time. Jon Broderick, CEO of Guitar Tricks, explains, "When we decided we wanted to start offering these songs, we went after the best touring and session musicians we could find. We wanted instructors that could teach beyond just how to play the notes, and I'm really happy with how it came together." Whether it's learning the unique style of their favorite artist or perfecting the most revered guitar licks in history, Guitar Tricks members have access to high-definition multi-camera video guitar lessons that provide simple, step-by-step instruction that enables them to play their favorite songs with confidence, while having a lot of fun in the process.

Papa Roach emerged from Northern California with an intense punk/rap metal influenced style before transitioning to the heavy rock sound they are known for today. The hit, 'Last Resort', led the band to stardom and eventually, they branched out to collaborate with popular rap acts, E-40, Ludacris and Xzibit on Eminem's Anger Management Tour. Their last album, 'Time For Annihilation', was released August 2010, including live versions of their hits and new tracks.

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