Monday, October 1, 2012

Jamie Bendell in LA Oct. 17

Jamie Bendell in Los Angeles!
October 17, 2012
8:00 pm
Room 5 Lounge
143 North La Brea Ave
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Admission: $10

Growing up in Roslyn, NY with a musical family, Jamie Bendell had songs for every aspect of the day:  songs for eating, songs for brushing teeth, songs for getting dressed, songs at dinner time and songs before bed.  Encouraged by her mother, Jamie began playing piano when she at 5 years old, wrote her first song at age 9, and learned guitar when she was 14.

After earning her business administration degree from Emory University in 2009, Jamie packed up her car and drove 14 hours to the Big Apple to become the musician that she was meant to be.  Upon her move, Jamie delved right into performing for open mics six times a week, gigs, guitar lessons, and recording.  Since then, Jamie has recorded three EPs:  Waiting for Owls in 2009 and Something More, in 2010.  In 2011, she recorded her latest EP, I'm Not Sorry Anymore, which consists of 3 easy-going pop songs that are about love, epiphany and self-realization.

A self-proclaimed “endearingly neurotic Colbie Caillat”, Jamie admits she pours a lot of her emotions into her lyrics.  “Anxiety does play a hand in inspiring my lyrics,” says Jamie. “I over-think things constantly and a lot of my inspiration comes from situations in which I feel confused, or that someone took advantage of me or acted out of line.”

Jamie also writes about the things that drive her mad:  love, life, self-doubt and the many other things that weigh her heart down, with a voice that alternates between a breathy timber and a belting soprano.

Despite overcoming obstacles she alludes to in her lyrics, Jamie has garnered attention around the US with a hefty tour schedule, performing in major music venues such as the Highline Ballroom (NYC), Hard Rock Café (Philadelphia), All Asia (Boston), and even in the Theater at Madison Square Garden singing the National Anthem.  Other major cities Jamie has toured include Toronto (for NXNE), Albany, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Denver, Beaver Creek (CO), Avon (CO), Minneapolis, Chicago, Wakefield (RI), Los Angeles, CA as well as in The Bahamas, Italy and Canada.  Named a Clear Channel recommended artist, Jamie has been featured on websites for over 100 adult contemporary radio stations across the country. In addition, Jamie was selected for ASCAP’s Paul Cunningham workshop and performed as a chorus member singing backup for Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live.

Stay tuned for Jamie's fourth EP, Blue Sky Days, which she plans to release in January 2012. 

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