Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Public domain music chart now online

 Publicdomain4u.com announces the world's first Public Domain Music Chart 
 http://publicdomain4u.com/public-domain-top-ten-songs. This website featuring public domain music has been a popular music resource since 1999, and this chart is designed to make it easier to appreciate these classic recordings and artists. The chart is compiled from data collected at the site. Each song is posted with a "Music Flash Card" that gives the user some information about the song's history, an opportunity to listen to the music, and a link to a free MP3 for download.

"We're hoping the Public Domain Top Ten makes it easier for the music fan to navigate the music available at our site," claims Matthew King Kaufman, the site's founder. "These music treasures deserve our attention, and hopefully this chart will be a starting point for lean-forward music lovers to discover recorded music's storied past."

About PublicDomain4U.com: 
The site has been linking to worthy material that can be found in the public domain since 1999. The music ranges from Big Band music to Classical, Blues, and Sports music. Most of the recordings at the site were 78 RPM vinyl records that have been ripped and are available now in the MP3 format. The Songs posted at PublicDomain4U.com are from our past. Thanks to the most modern technologies, you can freely learn about this wonderful music. Posting these music treasures keeps their magic alive. Music individualism and creativity should be recognized and appreciated, not lost to time.

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