Monday, October 15, 2012

World's largest spud to visit Fork in the Road in Pasadena Oct. 16

  That's right, Idaho Potato Counsel celebrating their 75th. year Anniversary is currently on a 32 state National tour with the world's largest potato (over 6 tons) promoting the health benefits of potatoes and also promoting charities to end hunger.  
First stop in Los Angeles, "THE FORK" in Pasadena Tuesday, October 16th. from 11am to 6pm.  200 Bellefontaine, Pasadena, 91105.  Don't be a couch potato when it comes to supporting such a great event.  

THE FORK IN THE ROAD....belongs to The Coffee Gallery Backstage.  The idea by Bob Stane and the creation and art work of Ken Marshall.  Located in Pasadena, Ca.  At the split and "forked" intersection of Pasadena Avenue and St. Johns Place.  It even has an address for Mapquest and that is 200 Bellefontaine, Pasadena, CA.  91105
which is designated as Fork Plaza in the tiny municipality of Forklandia, within Pasadena.  Sort of like The Vatican in Rome.

It is, now, part of the Southern California "Forklore."

THE FORK IN THE ROAD is guerilla street art and changed the face of "public art" in the City Of Pasadena.  A game changer and lots of visual fun.

The Fork In The Road, all 18 feet of it's silvery vertical  glory,  just completed its second food drive to stick the fork into hunger.  5 + tons of food was raised in two days.  May The Fork Be With You.

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