Monday, April 1, 2013

Beata Pater to release new jazz album

New Release:
Beata Pater "Red"
(B&B Records BB0418)
Street Date April 2, 2013

Title: RED
Catalog Number: BB0418
UPC Code: 826049000043
Street Date: April 2, 2013

Track listing, track times and composer: 
1. BUTTERFLY (Herbie Hancock) 4:21
2. AHMAR (Pater-Little) 4:05
3. BACHNOVA (Marek Bałata) 3:37
4. SIR DOUG OF EDWARDS (Pater-Little) 3:57
5. BIG RED (Pater-Little) 4:05
6. BIS (Beata Pater) 4:36
7. LADY CARMEN (Mark Little) 3:48
8. PRAISE (Mark Little) 6:52
9. RAINY BOMBAY (Beata Pater) 4:11
10. RED CLAY (Freddie Hubbard) 4:17
11. TRAGIC BEAUTY (Pater-Little) 5:16
12. VERMELHO (Pater-Little) 3:03

Artist Home Market (s): California - Japan - Poland

Musicians: Beata Pater vocal & violin, Mark Little keys, Aaron Germain bass, Andre Bush guitar, Darius Babazadeh sax flute, Ranzel Merritt drums, Raul Ramirez percussion, Carl Lockett guitar, Celia Malheiros guitar, Kush Khanna tabla, Tom Peron trumpet, Buca Necak contrabass, Doug Edwards voice

Produced by: Beata Pater

Red is the third album in Beata Pater’s color series, her sixth solo recording. With her previous release Blue, Beata’s voice became the lead instrument, vocalizing in original compositions expressing her unique tone and character, leading to the album receiving airplay around the globe. In Red, Beata expresses her unique jazz vocalizations with an energetic infectious groove built by a stalwart of musicians.

Comparisons have been made to Flora Purim and Tania Maria, with the feeling and intensity of Sarah and Nina.

She started going to music school in Poland when she was six and was extensively trained as a violinist. Because her father loved a wide variety of music, she not only grew up hearing classical music but jazz and pop. Among those who she has cited as early inspirations were Donny Hathaway, Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Also very important was her violin professor’s wife, who noticed her strong voice when she was eight and helped her get started as a singer with the Warsaw opera.

After completion of her education in England, she had an opportunity to go to Japan for six months, receiving a contract with CBS/Sony as a recording session artist. The six months eventually became ten years. During her decade in Japan, Beata was constantly busy, making commercials, singing in movies, appearing on a countless number of sessions, and working as a Yamaha School of Music educator. She was also a regular in jazz clubs, performing with such jazz artists as pianist Walter Bishop Jr. and drummer Jimmy Smith in addition to talented local musicians. She toured Asia, performed at Birdland in Manhattan and grew to love acoustic straight ahead jazz. Moving to the United States in the 1990’s, Beata has continued to compose, perform, and produce her unique fusion of the world of music.

Unique, colorful, and musically rewarding are adjectives that perfectly fit the career and music of Beata Pater, an international recording artist who after all of her accomplishments still gives one the impression that the best is yet to come. 

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