Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brooklyn Fest kicks off in LA April 16

Tyondai Braxton (April 16) http://laphil.com/TyBraxton
Bridging experimental sound, orchestral music and pop hooks, the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s artistic director, Alan Pierson, conducts an evening of Brooklyn’s most adventurous new music, by Samuel Adams, Matt Marks, and Tyondai Braxton.

The Antlers/Chairlift (April 19) http://laphil.com/TheAntlers
From the lo-fi bedroom recordings of singer/guitarist Peter Silberman to the electronic-minded aquatic soundscapes of their 2012 EP Undersea, The Antlers create music that keeps moving forward, expansive and entrancing. Chairlift’s kaleidoscopic pop layers tones from manic to brooding, from pastoral to anthemic.

Full Details:  http://mad.ly/863993

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